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Easter baskets

Learned that plastic buckets from differentProducts that we usually throw away, a chic material for crafts! A friend came to me, fond of such easy ideas of transforming things. Noticing that a bucket of mayonnaise was sadly standing in the corner of the table, she immediately took up the job ...

At first I laughed, I was even embarrassed. A bucket of mayonnaise? I do not like mayonnaise, but there are fans of this product in my family. What can it do? It turns out, can easily be done Easter baskets From unnecessary packages. And not only Easter, just cute decor items were ready in 20 minutes!

Easter baskets

Easter baskets

You will need

  • Plastic bucket from under mayonnaise
  • Super glue
  • White thick fabric
  • Lacy white fabric for decoration
  • Wooden clothespins
  • scissors
  • Thread


  1. Prepare everything you need! The work process is fascinating and very easy.
    Easter baskets Photo
  2. Break wooden clothespins into 2 parts.
    Easter baskets
  3. Gently prikle wood to a plastic bucket, as shown in the photo.
    How to make an Easter basket
  4. A small pouch of white fabric that will decorate the basket from the inside.
    Easter basket from plastic packing

    How to make an Easter basket

    Easter basket photo
  5. Top the bag with a lace cloth that will frame the top of the basket.
    Easter basket master class
  6. Another version of the decor. You can use corrugated paper and ribbons: just glue the paper to the bucket and tie a bow.
    Easter basket with own hands

that's all! Ready cute baskets. in progress Easter decoration I was inspired, and I made a couple of pots for flowers from these plastic packages, decorated them with acrylic paints. About it - in the next article!