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Bag of old jeans

If in your closet a couple of old jeans are lying around, do not rush to carry them to the trash! To prolong the century of your favorite thing, you can sew a wonderful Author's accessory, Which will complement your wardrobe.

And most importantly, everything can be done at home from improvised materials! With such a simple task, even an inexperienced needlewoman will cope.

Redaction "so simple!" Gathered the most interesting ideas how to supplement your image, using only old jeans.

A bag of old jeans

  1. Such a modest-looking bag is very roomy andConvenient. And for its tailoring you will need only a pair of jeans trousers and a leather strap. Such an accessory can be decorated with rivets, appliqué from fabric, lace or fringe.
    A bag of jeans
  2. This bag is very simple to perform! All you need is jeans of different shades, thread and sewing machine.
    A bag of jeans with their own hands
  3. Bag-torbag - an indispensable summer accessory. With such a little thing you can go shopping, go on a picnic or on the beach. By the way, for such an accessory you can use not only old jeans! Perfect and natural flax.
    Denim bag

  4. Such an envelope from a jeans pocket will have toSoul not only to an adult, but also to a child. And a pattern for such a bag and do not need! In such a pocket exactly fit a couple of sweets and a treat for birds.
    A bag of denim fabric with their own hands

    A bag of jeans
  5. In such a small bag the most necessary things will fit: keys, purse, phone, lipstick and a few other knickknacks.
    Bag of jeans how to do
  6. And this bag with cute little houses will appeal to a dreamy young lady!
    A bag of jeans how to sew

Hope these ideas inspire you to find use for old jeans and sew the original author's bag with your own hands!