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How to remove snow from the roof

Heavy snowfalls are always a nuisance. Difficult traffic on the roads, an increase in the number of accidents, endless trauma and snow-covered houses - all these are consequences Winter weather.

And you knew that 1 cu. M snow weighs about 750 kg? Just imagine what a load the roof of your house must withstand during a heavy snowfall! Layers of snow can be thinned and layered, which leads to Damage to the roof. To avoid such troubles, you need to know how to remove snow from the roof yourself.

Remove the snow from the roof of a private house

Fortunately, the editors "so simple!" Found a few simple tricks that will safely get rid of annoying snowdrifts on the roof in record time!

How to remove snow from the roof

  1. This method is extremely simple: you only need a rope and a little perseverance!
  2. There are special tools for cleaning the roof from snow. You can buy such a thing in the store, and you can make Snowplow From a conventional chopper.

    The chopping blade must be closed with plastic orWith a wooden cover. Further, lengthen the handle with an aluminum tube or a sufficiently long wooden holder. With this tool, we gently slice the layers of snow and pull them together.

    important! Observe the safety rules and stay at a sufficient distance so that you do not get covered by snow.

    How easy it is to remove snow from the roof

  3. Such a tool can also be made with your own hands. All you need is steel wire, a pvc canvas or a dense oilcloth.
  4. There is another way to get rid of snow - this Roof heating. But this method is not suitable for all types of roofing. Some flooring can simply burst from the temperature drop.
    How to remove snow from the roof

Share these tricks with friends, so that the snowy weather brings only joy and a wonderful mood!