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Means against mold

The mold in the bathroom is the source of health problems. So every competent hostess knows how important cleanliness in the bathroom.

Disinfect the toilet, wash the sink andBath - all these are the components of a full-fledged cleaning. But how often do we forget that the dirty curtain in the bathroom is also the place of abundant reproduction of the fungus.

Humid air in the bathroom, dust and skin particles, settled on the curtain, is an ideal medium for the propagation and growth of harmful mold.

Washing curtains for the bathroom

Good news "so simple!" Knows an excellent Way to get rid of mold, Which insolently settled on your favorite curtain in the bathroom!

Anti-mold agent

The recipe is very simple!

  1. To begin with take soda, a brush and spend preliminary clearing of a curtain.
    How to wash the blind in the bathroom
  2. In 5 liters of water, add 1 tbsp. L. Washing powder and 100 ml table vinegar. Leave the curtain in the solution for 2 hours.
    Than wash the blind in the bathroom
  3. After such a procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the blind under a stream of running water, further cleaning it from the remains of the fungus with a clean brush.
    Mold on the blind in the bathroom
  4. Sushi curtain is always in a straightened form!
    Mold on the curtain in the bathroom

And most importantly! So as not to give mold a chance, constantly ventilate the room and wipe the curtain in the bathroom dry.

Use this simple method of cleaning, and you will forever prevent the appearance of mold in the bathroom!