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Folding table with own hands

Balcony should be functional. Because of its dimensions, it is impossible to furnish it with furniture. Why not install Homemade table On the balcony, which will become both a magazine, and a dining room, and a desk.

About how easy it is to make Folding table The editorial board will tell you "so simple!". The product turns out to be low-budget, because due to the small size you do not need a lot of sources. With wood it is convenient to work, it is durable and safe in comparison, for example, with glass.

Folding table with your own hands

You will need

  • Dsp or plywood (25 mm)
  • Puncher
  • Jig saw
  • Screws and hangers
  • Varnish or paint for wood
  • sandpaper


  1. The construction will be in the form of a semicircle. Make the markup of the desired radius. From a sheet of plywood or dsp drank a countertop of the right sizes and one more detail - a rectangle of the same length as the base of the countertop, and a width of 8-12 centimeters.
  2. Now drank the support. It consists of two elements: the first is a rectangular piece 20 cm wide and slightly shorter than the width of the countertop, the second is done exactly the same, then cuts into two triangles diagonally. You need one of them.
  3. Sand the edges of the parts with a nest or special device. At will you can cover them with an antifungal agent. Color all the details.
  4. Remains the final stage: to collect a table on the balcony. For this, the countertop is connected to a rectangular part of equal width using two fastening elements.
  5. The details of the support are also joined together by similar fastening elements, while the triangular part should be located just in the middle of the rectangular.
  6. Now set the table to the desired height. In the unfolded state it will be completely stable, and in the assembled the entire structure will hide under the countertop.

Ideas for balcony finishing The apartment is plentiful. A compact folding table perfectly fits into the interior, making the space more functional with minimal time and effort.

Balcony can be your favorite place in the apartment, if you approach its design with imagination. Share the idea with your friends!