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Curtains in the bathroom

When the repair in the bathroom is finished, everything is readyAnd everything is sparkling, the most pleasant time comes - to make finishing touches. Bright details, fluffy rugs, all kinds of baskets and accessories - this stage is always so enjoyable.

But what to do, so that all this good is notSuffered from excessive moisture and condensation? Of course, buy a curtain for the bathroom! Such an accessory not only protects the bathroom space from excessive moisture, but also carries a decorative function.

Today edition "so simple!" Will help you decide which curtain for the bathroom should be chosen!

Curtains to the bathroom

  1. Good old polyethylene blinds
    Such curtains are quite cheap and haveA variety of colors and ornaments. But, unfortunately, the durability of these curtains leaves much to be desired: they quickly tear, are susceptible to dirt, and generally look cheap and unattractive.
    Plastic curtains for the bathroom
  2. Soft curtains made of polyester
    This is the most reliable material for this kind ofCurtains. Polyester water and vapor tight, it is resistant to the effects of many acids and alkalis. And if you also use a special hydrophobic impregnation, then this curtain will last for 10 years!
    Curtains made of polyester
  3. Fabric curtains
    Such accessory gives the bathroom a specialluxury. Care for such a curtain does not require super-strength - you only need to wash and lightly curtain the blind from time to time. But do not forget that the fabric curtain must necessarily be impregnated with a hydrophobic agent!
    Fabric curtain for the bathroom

    Fabric curtains for the bathroom
  4. Static glass partition
    Such partitions are installed only up toHalf bath, which means that this curtain does not protect the bathroom from moisture and condensation to the fullest. But otherwise such a partition is very strong, shock-resistant and to care for it quite simply.

    Glass curtain for the bathroom

    Choosing a stylish pattern or relief glass, you can make the design of the bathroom very unusual.

    Glass partition for the bathroom

  5. Sliding glass curtains for bathroom
    If viewed from a practical point of view, then such a curtain is very convenient. With a similar accessory can completely protect the bathroom space from moisture and steam.

    But there is a significant disadvantage - if not to giveSufficient attention to the care of the sliding doors, the rails and the rest of the hardware will quickly cover with lime and rust, which means that the mechanism will not work as before.

    Sliding curtains for the bathroom

  6. Glass doors
    Like the previous version, this curtain is excellentIsolates the bathroom from moisture, because you can install the doors to the ceiling. But troubles can lie in wait here. If you save on the quality of metal fasteners, then rusty stains on the windows are provided.
    Glass doors for bathroom

    Glass doors for bathroom
  7. Roller blinds
    The principle of operation is the same as that of a conventional rollCurtains for windows. If necessary, such a curtain can be lowered or raised, and care for it is not difficult. It is only necessary to wipe the surface of the curtain from time to time with a sponge or brush.
    Glass curtain for the bathroom

Take this useful information on a note, and let the bath procedures do not cause trouble!