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Remedy for lice and nits

Pediculosis is a parasitic disease of the scalp and hair. The human louse is a parasite that settles exclusively on the human body and Feeds on his blood. A person can not escape from this, because this problem has been going on for more than one century, and to be more precise, it's about 80 thousand years!

Living in close unsanitary conditions, global cataclysms and even nervous overexertion - all these factors stimulate an increase in the number of patients with pediculosis.

Lice are transmitted from person to person during close contact. Because of frequent contact games children suffer from pediculosis more often than adults.

Lice for children

If you notice the following symptoms, you need Act at once!!

  1. Traces of insect bites or small wounds.
  2. Severe itching at the site of an insect bite.
  3. Combs and crusts on the site of the bite.
  4. Enlarged lymph nodes as a result of joining purulent infection (pyoderma).
  5. Presence of nits in the hair.

Currently, there are many special antiparasitic drugs, but the absolute effectiveness of none of them has not been proven.

Redaction "so simple!" Found an affordable tool for fighting parasites, which really works!

Remedy for lice and nits

The most effective home remedy against lice is considered to be vinegar. It is quite effective, and it will be found inEvery house. The only negative is his specific smell, but that's what we need! Inhaling vapors vinegar, lice become lethargic and can easily be combed.

Head lice

important! On nits of evaporation do not act at all. But here vinegar has a different effect - it neutralizes the sticky substance with which the eggs are attached to the hair, which means it will be much easier to comb out.

Let's find out how Get rid of lice at home!!

You will need

  • Vinegar
  • Shower cap or plastic bag
  • Comb for combing parasites
  • Clean towel

  1. You need to start right Dilute vinegar, In order to avoid chemical burns. For every 100 ml of warm water, add 1 tbsp. L. 9% vinegar. The total volume of the solution depends on the length of the treated hair.
    Vinegar against lice
  2. With a ready-made solution Wet hair. For convenience, you can use a sponge for washing dishes.
  3. Further it is necessary Wrap your head A plastic bag or a shower cap for 30 minutes (and longer).
  4. We proceed to the main stage - combing the lice. Thick crest Carefully comb out the hair, So that as many parasites and eggs fall as possible. We recommend doing this over the bathroom, so as not to spread the infection all over the house.
  5. After the procedure hair is abundant Rinse with water. You can use a special shampoo against lice and wash their head after the procedure - such a control shot.
  6. And most importantly: getting rid of lice at one time does not work! If not parasites, then fresh egg laying will remain exactly in the hair. So it's necessary Repeat this procedure a week later. But to be sure, you can repeat the procedure and the third time in 7 days.

interesting fact!! Studies show that lice prefer people who often wash their hair, since their scalp is clean and parasites are easier to suck blood. so that!

Hope this home recipe will be useful to you and your loved ones. But remember that in any case It is necessary Visit a dermatologist!