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Protection from infections

Life in the city is fraught withHazards, and one of the main - infection. In the cold season, anyone who finds themselves in transport is a potential victim of the Orvi, and tuberculosis in general is an off-season danger.

But is everything so scary, as it is said everywhere, and what needs to be done to avoid becoming a victim of unpleasant, and sometimes Terrible diseases, Decided to find out the wording "so simple!".

Protection from infections

The fear of something getting infected in public transport is for everyone who uses it, and especially for people who travel there rarely. at Epidemic period This feeling is exacerbated. The vast majority of dangerous diseases can not be picked up in a regular bus. If only because not all bacteria can survive in it.

For example, it is absolutely impossible to get infectedA sensational ebola virus, because it requires contact with the fluids of an infected person. A similar situation with HIV or bacteria that cause such severe diseases as necrotizing fasciitis, for example.

It is worth noting that people who dailyThey travel in the city transport, they develop immunity to many infectious diseases. But still people with a variety of Orvi and tuberculosis in our transport go, and the risk of catching the infection does exist.

There is also the risk of picking up various Skin diseases, Because from the handrails, seats and close contactYou can not get away anywhere. Scabies, herpes, trichophytosis and other troubles can force you to visit the dermatologist. So do not treat infections that live in public transport, skeptically. It is necessary to adhere to certain safety rules.

Advice on protection from infections in public transport

  1. If the free space is next to an actively sneezing and coughing person, it is better to stand, and as far away as possible from the source of infection spread by airborne droplets.
  2. Hand washing and the use of wipes with alcohol impregnation - these methods are already well protected from transport infections. Trite, but very few people do so.
  3. Advice for the beautiful half of humanity: in a hot time, sit on your skirt, not the body on the seat. Of course, there is no mortal danger there, but you can break your microflora.
  4. If you are sick, then think about other people and stay at home. But if you really need to go somewhere, then use a gauze bandage.
  5. In the season of infections, good prevention -Washing the nose after visiting public places. The fact is that viruses, for example, causing Orvi, in the vast majority of cases penetrate the body through the nasal mucosa.
  6. Always carry in your purse Antibacterial agent - Sold in any supermarket. You never know what will be on the handrails, but there are all kinds of things. If, without touching the face, first wipe hands after leaving the transport, the risk of contracting respiratory infections falls by 20%, and gastrointestinal - by 30%.
  7. Teach yourself to touch your face without first washing your hands.

Even on the street xxi century, but forget about the simple Rules of personal hygiene Not worth it. All people are different, everyone has their own diseases, and you never know how your body will react to them.

Take care of yourself and share information with your friends!