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Cocoa butter for leather

About the benefits Cocoa butter Known since ancient times: Earlier they were lubricated with wounds, taken inside as an immunostimulant, and also applied to the skin for the treatment of dermatological diseases. Today cocoa butter has not lost its popularity.

Cocoa butter for skin

Cocoa butter

It is used in cooking, as well as inCosmetology, adding to a variety of creams, lotions, balms and nourishing masks. Cocoa butter is a product of a dense consistency, but despite this, the substance easily melts under the influence of body temperature.

  1. Cocoa butter for skin
    Cocoa butter contains stearic acid,Which makes the skin silky and supple. To achieve this effect, you need to take a small piece of oil and just lead them to the face. Also this product can be used as a hygienic lipstick.
    Cocoa butter
  2. Cocoa butter for body skin
    In undiluted form this product alsoUse for very dry areas of skin: feet, heels, knees, elbows. Cocoa butter effectively fights stretch marks. To do this, melt 50 grams of the product and mix with 1 teaspoon of grape seed oil. Apply the mixture is necessary 2 times a day: morning and evening.
    Cocoa butter
  3. Cocoa butter
    A mask based on cocoa butter helps restore damaged hair. For this purpose, prepare 50 grams of cocoa butter, 7 tablespoons of burdock oil, 8 drops of vitamin A, 5 drops of vitamin E.

    Connect all the ingredients in a small container andPut it in a water bath. When the components are mixed, place the finished product in a small jar. After 30 minutes, when the mask thickens, apply it to wet hair and leave to act for 1 hour.

    Cocoa butter

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