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How useful is prune

Prune - an excellent product for a snack during tea: delicious, inexpensive, safe for the figure. But do you know that a dried plum should become an obligatory part of the daily diet? and "so simple!" Will tell you why.

What is useful prune

What is useful prune

Scientists at the University of Texas conducted a series of studies aimed at identifying the causes of Colon cancer. In the course of studying this issue, they found out: one of the factors that provokes colorectal cancer is an imbalance of the intestinal microflora.

Colorectal cancer

In the search for a solution to this problem have been studiedProperties of different products. So, prunes, like other varieties of dried plums, proved to be the best in this respect. To prove this, scientists introduced a dried fruit into the daily ration of rats.

Later, researchers established that the prunes had changed Intestinal microflora Experimental rats, increasing the concentration of bacteria bacteroidetes and lowering the level of firmicutes. While the number of cancer biomarkers that are a sign of the presence of a tumor has significantly decreased.

Useful properties of prunes

Experts summed up: Prune is the most powerful protection against colon cancer, it is included in the list of products with strong antioxidant properties. For the prevention of daily eating should be from 3 to 6 pieces of this dried fruit.

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