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How to Update a Chair

What a pity it is sometimes to part with dear things, whether it's a favorite sweater or a couple of old grandmother's chairs. Because it is much more pleasant and more palpable to try Restore old things And breathe new life into them, than just throw them into the dump.

If you inherited a couple of old chairs, the editorial office "so simple!" There are several smart ideas, how to transform them with benefit!

How to update a chair

  1. Banquet from old chairs
    Make such a piece of furniture with your own hands is not difficult!

    You will need

    • 3 old chairs of equal height (preferably)
    • Piece of plywood length 1,5-2 m
    • Drill and drill bits
    • hacksaw
    • sandpaper
    • Paint spray
    • Screws and screwdrivers
    • Stapler for furniture
    • Soft upholstery for seat cushions
    • Upholstery fabric

    Take off the old seats from the chairs and put them in a row. Measure the total width of the chairs and add 10 cm to it. Drill the holes where the sheet of plywood will be fastened.

    Remake an old chair

    Polish the surface of the chairs and cover them with the necessary paint. Follow the tips for using the paint specified by the manufacturer.

    Put chairs in a line, leaving between them for 5 cm. Put a sheet of plywood on the chairs and mark the place of future fastening of the screws. In the marked places drilled holes.

    How beautiful to remodel a chair

    Using a stencil, draw the corners of the future seat on the plywood sheet and, using the given lines, drank the shape.

    To alter a chair by one's own hands

    A piece of upholstery for seats, which is several inches larger than the size of the board, attach to the latter with a furniture stapler.

    Restoration of chairs in the home

    Also fix the upholstery fabric, adding 10 cm to the hem on each side.

    Restoration of chairs by own hands

    It remains only to screw the screws - and elegant The banquet is ready!!

    To restore a wooden chair

    How to restore the chair

  2. Original shop
    Such a shop will look great both in the hallway and in the garden. And make it easier nowhere!

    You will need

    • MDF sheet (according to the size of the chairs)
    • Jigsaw or other tool for working on wood
    • pencil
    • Brush and paint of the required color

    We remove seats from old chairs. Put them on a sheet of MDF at a distance of 15 cm from each other and take measurements for the future shop.

    Restore the old chair by one's own hands

    Restoration of the chair of the house

    By the given measures we cut out a new seat.

    Restoration of wooden chair

    We paint chairs and a new seat in the desired color.

    Shop from old chairs

    It remains only to assemble our design. Little effort - and Miracle shop Ready!


  3. Bench with shelf
    This "recipe" is suitable for the owners of chairs With curved back, After all, we will need the backs.

    First, you need to create a framework for the futureBenches. We make a skeleton from reliable wood, by means of long self-tapping screws we fasten each its end with two screws to a back. Length depends on your preferences and needs.

    Bench of old chairs

    Further we make the lower shelf, so that our design is as strong and stable as possible.

    Bench of one's own hands

    Fill the defects of wood with putty, properly fry and color the desired color.

    Garden bench of old chairs

    The next step is to make a plywood seat. For this we cut out a piece of plywood of the necessary size and shape, covered with batting or foam rubber and covered with an upholstery fabric.

    Bench of chairs

    Add a couple of cozy pillows - here's your bench! Such a thing is bound to become A wonderful addition Hall, and gatherings in the garden will become even more pleasant with such a piece of furniture.

    Dacha bench of old chairs

As you can see, it is very easy for old chairs to give a new bright life, only a little effort and imagination is needed!