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On what it is impossible to save, so it is on food,Because it is a contribution to your health and the health of your family for years to come! It's not just about financial economy: saving energy on making really useful, fresh food is as sinful as buying cheaper but not too fresh and quality products.

On this principle everything is built Ayurvedic food. The most healthy food - freshly prepared, juicy, sweetish, oily, warm, aromatic and seasoned with spices - it nourishes the body with power and enriches the mind.

Learn more about Indian cuisine I was inspired by a friend who returned happy andRenovated after a holiday in Goa. How did she praise the food she tried there - incredible delicacy! I hope, these recommendations will help you make the diet more diverse, tastier and a hundred times more useful for the body.

Ayurveda nutrition

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Ayurveda nutrition

Culinary tricks for health

  1. The best food is the one that was cooked no later than 3 hours ago and did not reheat. Of course, it is difficult to always eat Freshly prepared food, But you need to strive for this. According to ayurveda, this is the key to health.

    If there is always food that has already lain inFridge, health problems can not be achieved. The decomposition processes that occur in these products may not be noticeable. However, re-heating food is usually accompanied by the release of toxins that are harmful to health. So says Ayurveda. At least 2 times a day you must observe this rule when you are at home, during breakfast and dinner.

  2. Refresh the taste of dishes and increase their ability to digest by the body will help lemon juice. Sprinkle any dishes before serving with lemon juice - cereals, salads, meat, fish - all food will be much tastier, more fragrant and more useful for the body.
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  3. All vegetables and greens are very useful soak in a weak Turmeric solution 30 minutes before starting cooking. For 2 liters of water 1 tsp. Turmeric will be enough.

    Why do this? Such a soaking of vegetables will save them from any accumulated chemicals, nitrates, cleanse harmful microorganisms. Thanks to the antiseptic properties of turmeric! Some vegetables will more fully reveal their taste during cooking thanks to this tricky trick (for example, cauliflower and broccoli).

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  4. If you want to prepare a dish with fresh tomato, but it is not, tomato can easily be replaced with a small amount of lemon juice or 2 tablespoons of yogurt without additives.
  5. Any dishes with tomatoes require a small addition of sugar. Sugar will emphasize the taste of tomatoes and help the body to digest them.
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  6. Even in salty dishes it is recommended to add A small amount of sugar In the middle of cooking. Sweetness will emphasize the taste of any food and spices, the dish will play with new flavors.
  7. Any grains need to be lightly Fry before cooking. The taste of the dishes will be more intense, in addition, cereal porridges from fried grains are better absorbed by the body.
  8. To give any dish a very special taste and aroma, you need to complete its preparation with a tricky trick.

    In a frying pan heat a tablespoon of olive oil or ghee oil. Throw in the seeds of seeds of mustard, cumin and spices, harmoniously suitable for this dish. It is good for this purpose to use curry leaves.

    Fry the spices for about a minute on high heat, then drain the oil and serve them a dish. Will be fantastically delicious, 1,000 times smoother than ordinary melted butter or vegetable.

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  9. Improve the taste of any food clay dishes. So that the dishes cooked in a new earthenware do not have the taste of clay, it is necessary to boil water in a new vessel with a small amount of rice.
  10. The morning meal should be predominantly sweet,Evening - neutral to taste (for example, watery fruits or vegetables). Food at lunchtime should contain all the basic tastes: bitter, salty, sour, pungent, tart. This scheme is considered the most useful for health.
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  11. Ayurveda for women Is doubly useful: it will help keep the weight stable, do not grow old before time, maintain the skin in perfect condition.

    Do not take heavy food after sunsetOf the sun. The digestive system works at this time half-heartedly, tuning to rest, like the whole environment. Which is why all foods eaten in the evening, harm health and are deposited on the sides.

  12. Fruits are preferably separate from the main(Half an hour before meals or a couple of hours afterwards). You can not combine them with dairy products! It was a discovery for me. For example, a milkshake (banana + milk) in Ayurveda is considered a poison and can cause serious skin diseases if you drink it often.
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You will not feel negative impact fromReception of harmful food immediately, but such a diet has a cumulative effect: in a dozen years you can become the owner of serious chronic diseases that have come "out of nowhere". To avoid illness, eat fresh, tasty and healthy food - that's Ayurvedic law, Which is worth taking to all!

If you appreciate all the benefits of these tips, give them girlfriends!