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Redevelopment of one-room apartment

When in one room of a tiny apartment a whole family is crowded, and there is not more money to move to a dwelling, you can try to do it From the old Khrushchev A cozy apartment where everyone will find a place for themselves. Our literate heroine did it!

Well, the editorial staff "so simple!" Invites you to see what happened to her.

Redevelopment of one-room apartment

So looked like an apartment before the repair.

Repair of one-room apartment

But what happened after!

Repair of one-room Khrushchev

Repair mistress began with a painful place - a large room, which was the living room, the parents' bedroom and a corner for the girl at the same time.

Repair one-room apartment with their own hands

Redevelopment of one-room apartment

Had to sacrifice the size of the living room, but it was worth it, because the girl had her own room! And the living room, according to the owners, has become much more comfortable.

Re-planning of a one-room Khrushchev

Redevelopment of one-room apartment in two-room

Redevelopment of one-room in two-room

When the repair came to the kitchen, the family decided not to get rid of the old furniture, but only refreshed the interior with details and expanded its functionality.

Re-planning one-room hruschevka in two-room

Redevelopment of a one-room apartment for three

Loggia repair also did not pass by: it turned out quite a decent cabinet. Very rational use of space, as for me!

Odnushka in kopeck piece

Big odnushka or a little kopeck piece

And here is the hall - the visiting card of the hostess. Cozy entrance hall, As the girl thinks, will cheer up every guest and give a helping of positive for the whole day!

Renovation in one-room apartment

Renovation in one-room apartment with balcony

Repair in a one-room apartment before and after

In general, the family is happy, because now the apartment has become much cozier and each family member has a place where you can retire. And this is important!

I hope that this experience will inspire you to change something. Because you need to create miracles with your own hands!