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Parsley for weight loss

Many of us use Parsley As an additive in the preparation of soups, salads and stews. Fresh and fragrant greens not only gives the dishes a bright taste and aroma, but also saturates with vitamins.

Add parsley leaves

Among other things, parsley is a powerful A diuretic, Relieving edema, urinary tract infections and other problems associated with the withdrawal system.

It is on the ability of parsley to gently remove excess fluid, without violating the body's salt balance, this Prescription drink for weight loss, Which, by the way, is very popular in the Balkans.

Decoction of parsley for weight loss

Parsley for weight loss

Number of ingredients indicated for cookingDay standard of the drink. Given the pronounced diuretic effect, it is not recommended to exceed the dose. In the presence of any chronic diseases, as well as during pregnancy Infusion of parsley You can drink only after consulting your doctor!


  • 5 tbsp. L. Chopped parsley
  • 1 liter of water


  1. Pour the parsley with boiling water.
  2. Give the drink 20 minutes to stand, strain.

Parsley removes toxins from the body, andAccelerates metabolism. In view of the effectiveness of the drug, it is not recommended to consume it for longer than 5 days. To maintain the process of weight loss adhere to the correct diet.

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