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How beautifully to plant flowers

The method of lasagna, or sandwich, is the so-called longline principle Planting of onion flowers. It is not difficult to implement such an idea, it is enough to plant bulbs in the soil at different depths. For planting it is necessary to excavate a hole at a depth corresponding to each of the bulbs.

The diameter of the groove will depend on the number of planted flowers. Use this chart-hint to plant the bulbs correctly.

How to plant flowers beautifully

How to plant bulbous flowers

Large bulbs need to be covered with soil 3-5See then it is necessary to lay out the next layer of bulbs (smaller ones) and fill them with earth. At the end we plant the smallest varieties of flowers. For example, you can take a combination of bulbous: the first layer - tulips, above them hyacinths, and the last layer - crocuses. Such an idea can also be realized in an ordinary flower pot.

How to plant bulbous flowers

So that plants do not interfere with the growth of eachFriend, try to place them in checkerboard order. For reliability you can stick sticks-limiters near the bulbs in the lowest row. At the end of the landing, you just need to remove them from the soil.

Picking plants for a long-term planting, it is importantDetermine the concept of the flower bed, which you want to get as a result. It can be a composition of contrasting cultures blooming in one period, or a conveyor of flowering plants replacing each other.

How to plant bulbous flowers

As an example of contrasting cultures blossoming into oneA period of time, you can take the blue muscari (the upper layer) and red tulips of the fusilier variety. In specialized flower shops, you can also purchase ready-made sets for growing bulbous flowers.

Be sure to buy a few bulbs of spring flowers for a longline planting! And also learn how to grow tulips on a windowsill.