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Garden Hydrangea

Hydrangea - the real favorite of the majorityGardeners. still would! This unpretentious refined flower is able to decorate any garden. The name of its hydrangea was given in honor of the sister of the prince of the sacred Roman empire of Karl Heinrich Nassau-zigen.

Later botanists gave it the name hydrangea, which means "vessel with water", because the flower is very hygrophilous. And in Japan the hydrangea is called "adzisay" - "a flower resembling a purple sun".

Hydrangea garden cultivation

Hydrangea garden

Flowers hydrangeas Grow shrubs, small trees,Curly lianas up to 30-meter height. Flowering begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. Hydrangea can calmly overwinter in the open ground, so lush flowers will please you a year or two, or even a decade!

Features of cultivation

  1. Most of the hydrangea flowers are white, but they can have completely different colors. It all depends on the level Ph of soil: In neutral soil the color of flowers is white or beige, in alkaline - lilac or pink, and in acidic - blue.

    The latter is due to the ability of plantsAccumulate aluminum, which is released from acid soil. To create a composition of multi-colored bushes, it is enough to change the acidity of the soil under each of them.

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  2. Hydrangea - incredible Hygrophilous plant, Therefore it is necessary to treat the watering of the flower with great seriousness.
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  3. The flower loves diffused sunlight and penumbra. In a sunny place, he too will get accustomed, but in this case tender petals will quickly burn out and the bloom will be short.
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  4. balanced diet - one of the main principles of care for hydrangeas. If you overfeed the plant with organic, then do not expect flowering. Remember, it is better to underfeed! Nitrogen can and should be introduced only in the spring, and then switch to phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.
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  5. Shelter for the winter - always! Because even the most cold-resistant varieties Require heat in winter. But if your hydrangea is still frozen - do not despair! Most likely, it will come into shape after the growing season.
    Hydrangea garden care and cultivation
  6. By the way, hydrangea is extremely Rarely sick And is affected by pests!
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  7. Pruning is an important part of caring for the plant. Timely and Competent pruning Promotes lush bloom and implies the removal of old inflorescences to the first pair of healthy and strong kidneys.
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  8. and one more An important aspect!! For the maximum comfort of hydrangeas, a loose, humus-rich, sour soil is necessary. If you provide these simple conditions - your garden will certainly decorate an extremely beautiful flower!
    Hydrangea garden pruning

You will not regret anything if you plant a hydrangea in your garden! From spring until autumn, she will please you with her touching and charming beauty.