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Gift wrapping with own hands

Gift wrapping is a real art! At every step you can find a shop where professionals masterfully wrap all kinds of boxes in bright paper. But why not try to master The art of packaging Yourself? Because then the value of the gift wrapped by you will surely double. And yet this is a wonderful way to show imagination!

Redaction "so simple!" Collected 10 great ideas for those who like to please their loved ones with original and spiritual gifts.

Gift wrapping

  1. The first idea for spring packaging is, of course, flowers! You can use fresh buds and twigs, and you can make Paper flowers Own hands.

    Gift wrapping paper with your own hands

    Gift wrapping

    Without doubt, such a package will cause a whirlwind of amazement and joy. Moreover, it is made by hand and with the soul!

    Gift wrapping with flowers

    Gift wrapping with fresh flowers

  2. Amazing Orchids Refresh any gift wrap. You just need to print out the scheme, cut out the details and make a flower. Flawlessly!

    Gift wrapping with your hands by March 8

    Gift wrapping girl

  3. But how to do it without ceremony Shiny gift!! You only need a hairspray and sequins of the right color. Lacquer spray on the box, sprinkle with sequins and again fix it with lacquer. Voila - the sparkling gift is ready!

    Gift wrapping options

    By the way, instead of a varnish it is possible to use glue-pencil. In this case, you can make shiny patterns of any configuration.

    Gift wrapping ideas

  4. And how do you like this version of the package in the form of the sweetest convolution of Patterned fabrics?

    Wrapping a gift with a cloth

    Wrapping a gift with cloth with your own hands

  5. Very original in the gift package look feathers. You can use both natural and make paper with your own hands. The last is easier to do, and the packaging is delicious!

    Gift wrapping original ideas

    Original gift wrapping with your own hands

  6. Ah, these Butterflies Just wonderful!
    Original gift wrap on March 8
  7. But a small chart-hint how to make a soft package In the form of a bow.
    Gift wrapping without box
  8. A beautiful cardboard box with Hand painted Just will not leave anyone indifferent!
    Original gift packing
  9. By the way, make a magnificent and original bow With their own hands is extremely simple. Very useful circuit!
    Unusual gift wrapping

    Unusual gift wrapping with your own hands
  10. and these Gentle petals Blossoming cherry tree will certainly fall in love with a romantic and dreamy person.
    Beautiful gift wrapping with your own hands

We are sure that these wonderful ways will inspire you to create your unusual and colorful packaging of gifts for the closest. And do not forget to show off your success in the comments!