/ How to sew Roman blinds

How to sew Roman blinds

Roman curtains are able to complement and Decorate the windows In any room. Especially harmoniously compact beauties fit into the interior of the kitchen, where everything should be as convenient and functional as possible. It does not matter if you can not find the Roman curtains of your dreams, because they can easily be sewn by yourself.

How to sew a Roman blind

On how to sew such a blind at home, you will gladly tell the editors "so simple!". This product can be sewed from absolutely any fabrics, ranging from heavy curtains and ending with a weightless transparent tulle.

But it is still preferable to use dense andRigid materials that hold the shape well and accentuate the beauty of folds in assembled form. Also consider that for the kitchen and the bathroom you need to choose fabrics that repel moisture.

How to sew Roman blinds

You will need

  • Fabric for curtains
  • Velcro tape with width
  • 7-8 metal, wooden or plastic pins 4-5 mm in diameter, 3 cm longer than the width of the curtain
  • Small plastic rings with a diameter of 10-12 mm
  • Nylon cord
  • Weighting bar
  • Wooden bar


  1. Determine for yourself, your curtain will be one-piece or it will consist of several canvases. Make window measurements is the most important and responsible step.
    How to sew a Roman blind
  2. To the measurements of the window opening, add 5-7Centimeters on the side seams and 10-15 centimeters on the allowances from above and below. Before you start cutting the canvas, so as not to make a mistake with the calculations and to eliminate the shrinkage of the fabric after sewing, it is desirable to soak for a few minutes in warm water, dry and iron. The number and size of folds are determined by the height of the window and the length of the future curtains.
    How to sew a Roman blind
  3. From the underside of the fabric, make the gateway tagsAnd the future folds, as well as the place of installation of the rings for the cord according to the scheme given. So that the Roman curtain beautifully draped, the lines should be at the same distance from each other, and also be equal in width.
    How to sew a Roman blind
  4. Adjust the thread tension on the sewing machine so that the stitches do not tighten the sides. Edge the side edges with a classic double fold.
  5. Pre-color the woodenBar, which you will use as a cornice. Instead, you can use a lambrequin velcro strip, which is sold with ceiling brackets.
  6. In the lower part of the curtains, execute the gate and createKulisku, the width of which will allow you to insert into the formed cavity weighting bar. As a weighting agent for curtains, you can use a flat aluminum profile 1-2 centimeters shorter than the cornice.
  7. To the wrong side of the curtains finishes finishingAnd in the formed pockets insert the prepared pins. Fix the holes on one side so that you can take out the pins and wash the shade in the future.
  8. Manual sewing rings, guided by the scheme. To the wooden bar of the ring fixing with nails. Here they are necessary for fixing the lifting mechanism. The rings for the cord should be positioned symmetrically with respect to the middle of the curtain. While the outer rings should be placed at a distance of 5-10 centimeters from the edge of the curtain.
    How to sew a Roman blind
  9. Using Velcro fasten the blind toPrepared bar. Fasten the fastener of the cord to the window frame and to fix the curtains wind the cord around it. From the bottom edge start to thread the cord into the rings. At the bottom knot a knot and for strength, further glue it with glue.

    Pass the cord through all the rings untilOf the upper edge. Similarly do with all rows of rings. When all the cords are threaded, they must be pulled out through the upper rings to one side of the curtains. Tighten all the cords so that the folds are distributed evenly over the entire width. With the help of ribbons, fix the folds in this position.

  10. Adjust the tension of all the cords. Having collected all cords together, connect them by a knot for the last ring. Then the cords pass through the handle to raise the curtains and at a distance of about 45-50 cm from the first knot of the knot another. The Roman blind is ready!
    How to sew a Roman blind

Just try it, and you will realize that in practice the whole process is much simpler than in the description. You can sew curtains of any color and texture. This is a very exciting activity.

We wish you inspiration, and do not forget to share the technology of sewing Roman curtains with your friends!