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Every housewife has a couple Culinary recipients, Helping her to prepare tasty and healthy food. "so simple!" Shares several more lifhakami, which will not only save time in the kitchen, but also give new gastronomic impressions.

Culinary advice from the chef

Cook advice

  1. So that the paste does not stick together
    Pasta during cooking will not stick together if in water (per 2.5 liters) pour in either 40 ml of lemon juice, or 1 tbsp. L. 9% vinegar.
    How to cook pasta
  2. How to save greenery
    Wilted greens can easily be refreshed if quicklyFirst dip it into hot water and then into cold water. You can also hold the greens for an hour in cool acidified water (1 tsp vinegar per 200 ml of water).
    How to freshen greenery
  3. Delicious vinaigrette
    A useful vinaigrette will become special if the onions, which need to be added to the salad, are pre-fried. Believe me, the taste will be special!
    Delicious vinaigrette
  4. Perfect syrniki
    So that the syr's are perfectly shaped,Try this trick: as usual, in a flour pan, billets of cheese crochet, each with a glass or a cup of a larger diameter. Start rotating the glass without taking it off the work surface, but not very intensively. The billets will round out and take the correct shape, all the curd ones will look nice on the plate.
    Perfect syrniki
  5. Beautiful pie in the multivark
    Usually baking from a bowl multivarka offerRemove using a plastic insert for steaming. For products with a delicate structure, this method is not suitable, since when turning over, the integrity of the pie can be disturbed.

    Make of culinary parchment strip width10-12 cm and a length of 45-50 cm slightly grease the bowl with butter, so that the parchment sticks. Lined the strips in a bowl criss-cross, and then proceed to the formation of the pie. Now the finished product is easily removed by pulling simultaneously for all the ends of the bands.

    How to get a pie from a multivark

  6. How to cook calamari soft
    3 rules of cooking squid, so they do notHave turned out rubber. First squids should be completely unfrozen. In boiling water (with salt and spices) the carcass should be no longer than 2 minutes. Cook squids in portions of 2-3 carcass.
    How to cook calamari soft
  7. Airy
    The secret of weightlessness of batter in eggs. They must be chilled. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl until the foam forms, then pour in a thin trickle, mixing with the rest of the ingredients.

    So that the clay was not only airy, but also crispy, the water for its preparation should be icy. Also recommend adding vodka: 1 tbsp. L. For 1 egg.

    How to make airy

  8. Than to replace eggs in baking
    To replace eggs in sweet baking with success it is possible and other products. So, 1 egg is: 1 tbsp. L. Cornstarch + 2 tbsp. L. Water, or puree 1 banana, or 1/4 tbsp. Apple puree.
    Than to replace eggs in baking
  9. Delicious liver pate
    The liver pate will turn out especially tasty,If during roasting the liver pour into the pan 50 grams of alcohol (rum, brandy, whiskey) and add a teaspoon of honey. The ready-made pate will be more tender, of a light consistency with piquant, sweet notes.
    Delicious liver pate
  10. Soft batter for dumplings
    Successful dumplings - a delicious and flavorful filling and the right dough. During the kneading of the dough add to the flour 1-2 st. L. Vegetable oil - the dough will turn out soft, elastic and comfortable for work.
    Culinary advice

We hope that these tips will make life easier for busy housewives and help to start cooking with a double inspiration!

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