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How to save a bouquet in a vase

Extravagant roses, lush peonies, tenderLilies of the valley, fragile tulips, fragrant lilacs ... the heart stops with delight, when you are presented with and without a bouquet of flowers. And so you want this fragrant beauty to remain unchanged as long as possible!

"so simple!" Shares tips that will help you for a long time Keep the freshness of the bouquet. In the run-up to the holiday is especially important!

How to save a bouquet in a vase

  1. Follow the purity of the container in whichBe a bouquet, because bacteria will lead to an early death of flowers. For a composition that includes more than 5 elements, choose a vase with a neck wider, so that the stems are not squashed.
    A bouquet of flowers in a vase
  2. The water temperature matters. There is a trick called "hardening". Put flowers in a vase with almost hot water (43-44 ° c), and put the container for a couple of hours in a cool place. Molecules of hot water come to the stem faster, but due to the cool temperature of the air, the flowers lose less moisture - the life span of the cut plant increases.
    A bouquet of flowers in a vase
  3. The method described above does not work for Flowers with bulbs: It is better to put them in cold (but not ice) water.
    Bulbous flowers in a vase
  4. Be sure to remove the bottom leaves before placing the bouquet in the vase. Leaves under water quickly rot and provoke the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
    To cut off the leaves of flowers
  5. So that The bouquet lasted longer than the eye, Change the water in the vase daily. Each time remove all debris and thoroughly wash the container. This will reduce the multiplication of bacteria.
    Change the water in a vase
  6. So that the stems absorb water better, cut them with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 °. With roses, this manipulation is generally better done underwater.
    How to prolong the life of a cut rose
  7. Add preservative to the water. Most versatile - vodka, 1 tbsp. L. This alcohol in a standard vase will prolong the life of flowers. lemon juice And a couple drops of bleach will also serve as a good preservative. But aspirin, sugar or activated charcoal, contrary to popular belief, are useless.
    Preservative for flowers in a vase
  8. Protect the bouquet from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Vase with fruit It is also better to put it away from the flowers: fruits produce a special gas (ethylene), which accelerates the fall of the petals.
    A bouquet of flowers in a vase
  9. In the process of daily water replacement, look at the bouquet for wilted buds or damaged stems. It is better to remove them immediately, so as not to spread rot.
    How to prolong the life of a bouquet
  10. Correctly combine flowers, because not all plantsCan get along with each other. For example, daffodils and hyacinths spread substances that are harmful to other colors. Put these handsome men in a separate vase.
    A bouquet of flowers in a vase

And still cut flowers from a bouquet can giveLife to a new plant! It is only necessary to cut the stem correctly on the cuttings and root it. For this procedure, roses, chrysanthemums and lilacs are especially suitable.

Let the bouquets, presented with love, last longer warm your heart and please the eye. Share these helpful tips with friends, they will appreciate!