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Morning Erection

Everyone knows that prevention should be givenMore attention than therapy, but few people are thankful for prevention ... this is the truth of life. I hope this article will help to learn more about men's health and take care of themselves properly if you are lucky to be born a man. If you belong to the beautiful sex, you should also read some moments from the life of men, which are not accepted to talk about.

Morning erection - Normal physiological phenomenon. When a man dreams, becomes activeThe cerebral center, which controls the reflex erection. While the dreams can be decent and contain no erotic elements. Also an erection occurs as a result of filling the bladder overnight.

Even infants in the womb of the mother may experience an erection, this is a natural physiological process. Wary No erection The man in the morning. About this and talk.

Problems with potency treatment

Morning erection

So that Diagnose problems with erection And possible violations of sexual functions, doctorsUse this tricky trick: put a thin ring of paper on the wrong place in the evening and check its integrity in the morning. The whole ring speaks of a weak erection throughout the night and the pre-dawn hours. Most likely, the sexual functions of men are not in order.

Problems with the potency of the cause

These reasons should be carefully read. If the morning erection suddenly disappeared and is not observed for a long time, something bad is happening to the health of the man. Loss of erection can be associated even with heart failure. For health you need to follow!

Reasons for the lack of erection

  1. Hypertension and a temporary increase in blood pressure as a result of various factors
  2. diabetes
  3. Hormonal imbalance
  4. heart failure
  5. Alcoholism and smoking
  6. Permanent physical or mental overstrain
  7. Depression and severe stress
  8. Taking antidepressants, tranquilizers, diuretics
  9. Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet

If the morning erection is not present throughout the wholeMonths, this may indicate a sexually transmitted disease, prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. Please, watch your health to prevent terrible consequences in time!

Problems with potency at a young age

What should I do if I have an obvious erectile dysfunction? There is one piece of advice, and he's in charge: in no case Do not buy any drugs that increase the potency, In the pharmacy. These drugs can cause severe damage to male health. They are expensive, but very toxic, can cause disruptions in the work of internal organs for a long period.

Having found out any problems with an erection, it is necessary to go at once to the doctor! You can not joke with such things.

Separately I want to say that forFull-fledged sex life you need to sleep normally, eat healthy food and move. This is the best prevention of problems with erection! Very often men themselves lead themselves to impotence, confessing a sedentary lifestyle and gluttony.

Problems with potency alcohol

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