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Strong relationships

Women's energy is fraught with great power, andIt manifests itself often in a relationship with a man. Many ladies do not even think about how much they affect their soul mate. Female energy is the fuel for all male accomplishments and achievements. This power is able to lift the most unfortunate person from the knees, but at the same time it can just as easily trample it.

Mistakes in the relationship between a man and a woman

"How a woman thinks about a man, so he andBecomes ". It's amazing, but it's true. When a woman thinks or talks about a man badly, she deprives him of that very feminine energy that should support him in a difficult moment. And then everything really goes wrong with him: things are falling from their hands, money is not earned, he often buys relaxing drinks and spends more time outside the house.

Mistakes in the relationship between a man and a woman

At this moment the woman only once againIs convinced of his rightness. It seems to her that a man is not worthy of her respect and attention. She increasingly discusses it with her friends, trying to get support from the outside. But is this support? Because the details of someone else's private life, most likely, will become the property of society. Do not be naive to believe that her friend will remain silent, like a partisan.

strong relationships

Accusing a husband, a woman subconsciously provokesIts for bad behavior. Any bad thoughts he reads like a scanner, because he realizes that he has lost his importance in the eyes of a woman. He is no longer the man of her dreams. Trying to get revenge, the man lies down on the couch and receives a new portion of insults in his address. And the woman thus naively tries to inspire him to the deeds.

Mistakes in the relationship between a man and a woman

Ceasing to talk or think badly of a man,A woman part with an obsession to change it. She begins to perceive a loved one as he is. Only by giving up phantom expectations, a woman gets a chance to build the right relationship with her beloved man.

The appearance of negative thoughts indicatesThe fact that at the moment the woman is very ill, and so she tries to shift responsibility to her lover. It is important to stop being a victim and start tracking your thoughts.

Mistakes in the relationship between a man and a woman

Learn to respect your man, and he willBroadcast this respect to the world around you. Start to feel its importance, and it will be done by other people. When a woman sees in a man dignity, it inspires him. The question of success will only be a matter of time!

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