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Frequent bleeding from the nose

Nosebleeds - a very unpleasant phenomenon, especially if it begins in a crowded place or during an important meeting. It does not constitute an independent disease. From the main Causes of nosebleeds The most common is physical trauma, for example, if you like to pick your nose or wag your fists.

How to stop the blood from the nose

Nosebleeds may also appear in theThe result of other ailments. The most common causes: diseases of the cardiovascular system, coagulopathy, very high body temperature, sunstroke, sudden pressure drops, some hormonal diseases. Whatever the reason, it is important to know, How to stop bleeding from the nose correctly. The editorial board will tell you about it "so simple!".

How to stop the blood from the nose

Frequent nosebleeds

Most of the population behaves in theThe occurrence of such a situation is wrong. Your main task is to stop nasal bleeding, and not vice versa, drive it inside. When the flow of blood is plentiful, through the throat it can easily reach the stomach. This, in turn, can cause nausea and vomiting. However, with a greater probability of blood retention in the respiratory tract. At Severe bleeding A person can even choke.

How to stop the blood from the nose

Many experts say this. In addition, in rare cases Tilting the head back With nasal bleeding can cause a state of shock, for example in a child. And the likelihood of getting fluid in the airways is large enough.

How to stop nosebleeds

Instead of the usual actions since childhood, use a safe and effective method to stop bleeding.

First aid for nasal bleeding

  1. Sit comfortably so that your head is above your torso.
  2. Head a little tilt forward, not back.
  3. Gently squeeze the soft tissues just below the nasalsBones. So you put pressure on the vessels located inside the nostrils. You can enter into the nasal passages of cotton swabs, dry or moistened with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or a 0.1% solution of naftizine. In no case blow your nose, this will only exacerbate the situation.
  4. Put something cold on the bridge of the nose and the back of the head for 20 minutes.

How to stop nosebleeds

To stop nasal bleeding doctors alsoAdvise to use a nasal spray, as it well narrows the blood vessels. To carry out the procedure of irrigation of the nasal canals is necessary immediately, once you have found the bleeding. important: If the blood from the nose goes more than 15 minutes, then call an ambulance. And do not delay the visit to the otolaryngologist. The specialist will determine the cause of the bleeding and will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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