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Properties of grape seed

All well-known healing properties of grape seed oil. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, strengthens and makes the walls of the blood vessels elastic, promotes Lowering cholesterol, Prevents the onset of cancer. But you can not even imagine how useful grape seeds are.

Grape seed application

Grape seed Is associated with a high content of vitamin E, as well as such biologically active compounds as calcium and potassium. Interestingly, grape bones can help in Weight correction. About how useful grape bones, and how to cook them with a curative broth that will help lose weight and normalize the work of internal organs, you will tell the editors "so simple!".

Grape seed application

Grape seed properties

Scientists came to the conclusion that the chemical composition of grape seeds is the most natural A storehouse of vitamins And irreplaceable for the human bodyConnections. Their chemical composition contains a large number of flavonoids, linoleic acid and vitamins of the group e. Tocopherol plays an important role in the vital processes that constantly occur in the human body.

Grape bones tincture

Such a complex of substances makes it possible to applyGrape bones to fight many diseases, as well as to reduce weight and prolong youth. Active components can accelerate the metabolic processes, have a purifying and diuretic properties, which positively affects the Slimming process. As a rule, to adjust the body weight, you need to drink a special broth.


  • 1 tbsp. L. Dried Grape Seed
  • 300 ml of water

Grape bones tincture


Grind the grape bones in a coffee grinder orRolling pin. Place the resulting powder in glassware and fill with hot water, approximately 90 degrees. Cover and cover with a warm blanket or hold it in a water bath for 20 minutes. Leave to cool down.

Grape bones tincture

A natural and effective means for losing weightReady. Take it for 30-40 minutes before meals three times a day for 200 ml course for a month. Then take a break. If necessary, repeat the procedure. In addition, the broth is useful for drinking with chronic cholecystitis and urolithiasis, as well as an antitussive and expectorant.

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