/ / Cellulitis on hips and buttocks

Cellulitis on hips and buttocks

Modern society, which is so rapidly developing and is about to colonize Mars, is still experiencing an inexplicable horror in the dimples on the hips. And yet Cellulite, As a world-wide problem, there is not even fifty years.

Bumps on hips - a sign of a mature femaleSex, and not obesity. Because regardless of weight and height, any young lady can have dimples on the buttocks and hips, because in the answer for all the female hormone estrogen. By the way, only every 40th woman does not suffer from cellulite.


The effect of wraps, massage and all sorts of scrubs in fact is aimed at the skin, and not fat, as such. The skin becomes more elastic, tone and blood flow improves. Unquestionably, elastic skin makes Cellulite less noticeable, But this has no effect on fat cells.

Moreover, many advertised cosmeticProcedures that supposedly help get rid of pesky dimples on the hips, are often unsuccessful and entail many serious complications. So is the game worth the candle? Of course it's worth it! Because any persistence over yourself, even small, makes you better every day.

Cellulite on hips and buttocks

If you still decide to try to get rid of cellulite, the editorial staff "so simple!" Gathered for you the most effective and useful, in our opinion, ways of visibly reducing the problem that drives millions of women around the world into melancholy and despondency. But in vain!

Cellulite on hips and buttocks

  1. balanced diet
    Use more protein: 200 grams of cottage cheese and 150 grams of low-fat meat will cover the daily need for it. Add oatmeal for breakfast, vegetable salads, exclude fast food and replace sweets with fruit - your body will certainly thank you.

    It is necessary to drink as much water as possible, the daily norm of which is 2 liters. And do not forget that the main principle of rational nutrition is alternation, multiplicity and regularity of meals.

    Correctly nutrition with cellulite

  2. Strength Exercises
    It is impossible to underestimate the advantages of powerTraining in the struggle for the elasticity of the skin. Work out the legs and buttocks will help squats, attacks with dumbbells, bench press lying and bending the legs lying on the simulator. For an effective result you need to practice 2-3 times a week and do not forget about the correct rational nutrition!
    Cellulite and exercise
  3. Anti-cellulite wraps
    Thanks to wraps, lymphatic drainage is stimulated,The microcirculation of blood is increased and excess fluid is removed from the tissues. For wraps at home recommend using honey, clay, ginger, apple cider vinegar.

    important! This procedure is not recommended for those who suffer from skin diseases and have problems with blood vessels.

    Anti-cellulite wraps

  4. massage
    Service of anti-cellulite massage is presented inMany cosmetic salons, where a professional masseur with ease will handle all problem areas. The course is designed for 15 sessions, but the result is noticeable already for 5-6 sessions! The skin becomes more smooth and elastic, so that the unimportant dimples become less noticeable.

    By the way, such a massage can be done at home, you just need to get acquainted with the correct technique of its implementation.

    Anticellulite massage

  5. Coffee scrub
    Coffee has an excellent peeling effect, clears pores, stimulates blood circulation, speeds up metabolic processes. In the complex therapy of cellulite, this procedure is indispensable!

    Scrub should be used 2-3 times a week,Preliminary steaming the skin. For convenience, you can use massage sponges. The best effect is achieved if after the procedure take a hot bath with essential oils.

    But it should be remembered that in case of an allergic reaction to coffee, its use as a scrub is contraindicated.

    Cellulite scrub with coffee

  6. Coconut oil
    Coconut oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps to moisten it, increases elasticity and elasticity, prevents from sagging. A wonderful effect is exfoliating with coconut oil.

    Mix coconut oil and ground coffee beforePasty consistency. Apply to a moist body and massage the problem areas for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with water. The effect will pleasantly surprise you! And even coconut oil perfectly helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

    Coconut oil from cellulite

The main thing is to drop all inappropriate thoughts and understand,That a prejudiced attitude toward one's body usually conceals shame and fear. But almost every one of us has cellulite - and that's normal. It is important to develop a healthy attitude to yourself and your body, because you are always beautiful!