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Seed dressing

The end of winter - the beginning of spring - the hot season for allTruck farmers. It's time to conjure up seedlings! Because of how strong and resistant to disease there will be seedlings, it depends on what you will harvest ...

"so simple!" Hastens to share with you an unusual but effective way Top dressing of pepper and tomato seedlings.

Top dressing of pepper and tomato seedlings

Dressing of seedlings

You probably know about Use of yeast for plants. They miraculously rearrange the compositionSoil, enriching it with nitrogen and potassium. Many summer residents noted that plants that were watered with yeast dissolved in water grow much stronger and yield a richer harvest than those who were deprived of such fertilizing. But what about beer?

Top-dressing of plants with yeast

Great news: if Water sprouts with live beer, It will be much stronger, more resistant to diseases, and also easier to transfer the picking and transplantation!

Top dressing of sprouts with beer


  • 1 liter of beer
  • 10 liters of constant water

Preparation and application

  1. In a bucket of standing water, pour beer.
  2. With the solution, water the seedlings strictly under the root, beginning with the phase of the appearance of the first leaf.

Beer solution is considered gentle, but Effective biostimulator: Growth rates of vegetative mass in seedlingsQuite fast even under conditions of insufficient illumination. The developed root system and powerful immunity of "children" is the key to success. Once again we note that beer should be just natural, alive.

Top dressing of indoor plants

By the way, in the beginning of February I tried to waterThis solution room flowers (decided early to "wake up" hippeastrum, cyclamen, gloxinia) - the difference is immediately apparent. Judging by everything, a lush bloom is guaranteed!

You can see the effectiveness of this method, pouring a beer solution, for example, a third seedling, and then compare the result. Share this advice with your friends-truck farmers!