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The advice of Grigory Oster

Probably, and you, being a child, adored to read out "harmful advice" gregory oster, which made you laugh to tears and taught a lot. But now that you need advice yourself, How to raise a good child, My favorite children's writer is again ready to help with a kind word!

Redaction "so simple!" Introduces you to the entertaining and witty teachings of your favorite writer, who will turn you into the most understanding parent.

Grigory oster tips for parents

Advice of Gregory Oster

  1. When answering the questions of your children, do not forget: everything you say can be used against you.
  2. Remember that you not only have the right to remain silent, but you can also order a child so that he also pauses for a minute.
  3. If after your answer to his question the child began to stutter, tell him that you were joking.
  4. If you are convinced that the child himself knows the answer to his question, so tell him. Ask him to answer his own question and praise him for the correct answer.
  5. Do not require the impossible from the child. First try yourself to finish this mess.
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  6. If your child requires a second cake, buy him a whole cake. And let it be a good lesson for him.
  7. If you hid matches from children and can not find yourself, because you forgot where they were stuck, ask the children - they will show.
  8. Remember that the child is sinless, because he has not yet eaten any heavenly apples and knows how to distinguish good from evil.
  9. Do not accustom your children to what they will then have to long and painfully wean.
  10. Explain to your child that he must learn to behave modestly and decently, so that no one can guess his true intentions.
  11. keep in mind: If your teenage child is insolent, self-assured, doubts himself all the time, is ruthless and good-natured, greedy and disinterested, trusting and cunning, confused and genial - that means you have a perfectly normal child.
  12. Send the child to the mother - let her answer his questions.
  13. Before going to sleep, read the child not fairy tales, but notations. So he will fall asleep much more quickly.
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  14. If a child demands that you love him as he is, let him first wash himself.
  15. Pamper your child as often as possible, and he will grow responsive, gentle and condescending to himself.
  16. Remember that for a teenage child to parents from love to hatred is not just one step, but literally one small slit. Do not put your fingers in it.
  17. Never yell at your child in front of the guests. Wait until they leave. And if they are delayed, whisper in his ear all that you think about him.
  18. Explain to the child that the person who violatesThe rules of traffic, before going out on the street, should hug parents tightly and say goodbye to the pets because they are likely to see them for the last time.
  19. Never tell your daughter that it's disgusting to look at her. Say that, in fact, she is beautiful, but chalk, jam and ketchup on the nose slightly spoil her beauty.
  20. Preparing the child for life's difficulties, look, do not tear his ears.
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  21. Remember: postponing conversation about sexual relations with your adult daughter will not save her from pregnancy.
  22. If your child was born a girl - comfort her. Tell her that this is not the worst. Could be worse - she could be a boy.
  23. If the child deliberately tries to get you out of himself - do not go out. Lock yourself from inside, barricade and call for reinforcements - call for help from your wife.
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Hope these wonderful tips will help you become a better parent for your child! Because the best child you've become, no doubt.