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Cosmetic application

Of course, all women are beautiful by nature. But to others noticed and appreciated your beauty, you need to own different Cunning makeup.

It does not matter if you did not find in your cosmetic bag some particular product or you do not have the means to buy it. Because irreplaceable things do not happen! Redaction "so simple!" Tell you, How to use lipstick Instead of blush and other similar tricks.

Application of cosmetics

  1. pomade
    Put some lipstick on your cheeks and shade - that's for you Cream blush. Only do this before applying powder. Put a little on your fingers and go through the eyelid. So you will get an excellent base under the shadows.

    And if you have a liquid matte lipstick, then sheGreat will replace full-blown eye shadow. That's so easy and simple to get a fashionable monochrome make-up. And even a matte lipstick can be applied to the nails and covered with a transparent varnish on top. Manicure is ready.

  2. Rouge
    Peach, pink and brown blush can be safely used instead of shadows or for drawing the fold of the century. Can be applied on top of the lipstick to get a more matte finish.

    To achieve the effect of a fresh, rested face,Walk through the blush from the cheeks to the temples, along the lateral surfaces of the forehead, along the central part of the back of the nose, the tip of the chin, make several brush strokes on the eyelids and neck.

  3. Hailer
    This is the most fashionable and necessary cosmetic product2017 year. With the help of a highlighter, you can highlight the inner corner of the eye and the subacute space. And if you apply it to the entire mobile eyelid, you will get a very radiant and fresh look. You can also apply it to the center of the lips to give them more shine and volume. Do not forget to emphasize their collarbone.
  4. Sculptor and bronzer
    They are great for highlighting the fold of a century andReplace brown shadows. Also with the help of the sculptor, you can visually raise the corners of the eyes and make the look more catlike, if you apply it from the corners of the eyes to the temples and gently shade.
  5. Shadows
    This is truly a universal cosmetic product. Brown shades can be used instead of the sculptor, pink and coral instead of blush. Shimmer finely dispersed shadows of light color will serve as a good substitute for highlighter. And if you mix this product with cream, you can get a lipstick of any shade.
  6. corrector
    With the help of this tool you can completely reshape your face. Use a peach hue to hide dark circles under the eyes, green to To remove redness And various skin defects. Light beige and brown will help make the face more voluminous.

Always experiment with cosmetics. After all, make-up is an art, and it, as you know, has no boundaries. Share useful information with your friends!