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Habits that are harmful to health

Often our days are similar to each other. Waking up in the morning, we function on autopilot, plunging into the routine of a new day.

However, there are certain things that are very important and need to be addressed, because Daily habits Determine the state of our health.

Habits that harm health

  1. Abnormal breathing
    Without much thought, we breathe, but muchIt would be more effective to breathe with the help of the stomach or diaphragm. Such breathing will be deeper. It will help to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and increase stamina.
    Abnormal breathing
  2. Too frequent workouts
    If you load yourself Physical exercise Six days a week, then the harm from this will beMore than good. Strong overexertion will cause fatigue and reluctance to engage in further. But more moderate training, for example, four days a week, will give a good result, help you lose weight and get a great physical shape, without overloading the body.
    Strengthened workouts
  3. Wrong shoes
    It's hard to believe, but because of the wrong shoes you can feel Heaviness in the joints and pain in the neck. Approach the choice of shoes more carefully. And if your doctor advises you to find a better shoe, do it! Replace joints will be much more difficult than replacing shoes.
    Wrong shoes
  4. Excessive hygiene
    Contrary to popular belief, frequent hygiene procedures are not such a useful thing for your body. Daily washing head Leads to the fact that the skin begins to produce more sebace secret. Taking a shower with soap twice a day drains the skin and destroys its protective layer.
    washing head
  5. Use of antibacterial soap
    There is no conclusive evidence thatUse antibacterial soap is so useful. This potent agent has significant disadvantages: aggressive action on the skin, reduction of local immunity.
    Antibacterial soap
  6. Wash
    Your clothes may not be as clean as you think! If the washing machine is washed rarely or not at all, it multiplies in it Fungus and mold. About the harmfulness of which is said very much. Regularly clean all parts of the machine (rubber bands, liners, inner drum) to enjoy freshness and cleanliness.
  7. nap
    If you got into the habit of sleeping less than 7 hours Per day, then you can fully earn memory problems, as well as reducing skin tone, emotional instability and impaired functionality.

    Remember that you should not save on sleep, and the whole period that you have not slept, has already caused irreparable damage.


  8. passive lifestyle
    During sleep, the load on the spineEquates to about 50 kg, in a standing position - to 100 kg, and in a sitting position - to 220 kg! Just imagine how much stress you put on your spine, excluding physical activity during the day. Even a walk from the office to the corridor and back is much better than nothing.
    passive lifestyle
  9. Hard diet
    You decided to lose weight or just bring your physical form in order with the help of diets? Before moving on to a new one Power supply system, First make sure that it does not harm your body, especially if you exclude from the diet all carbohydrates or fats.

    The body needs all groups of substances. Carbohydrates give energy to muscles, fats affect the acuity of the mind, and proteins are the building material of tissues.

    How to eat properly

Must, now I will reconsider my habits and diet. But about the sedentary way of life - just the point!

Did you notice such sins? Please share with us in the comments and with your friends on social networks!