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When to clip the geranium

One of the most popular indoor plants is geranium. Now there is an opportunity to buy in a flower shop the most diverse Types of geraniums, For example pelargonium. It affects its size and color so much that no one can not fail to pay attention to this plant.

How to cut geranium for flowering

In addition to its unusual beauty and color,Pelargonium is not capricious in care, rarely exposed to diseases and, most pleasantly, easily tolerates poor conditions of detention. But, in order to ensure it Luxuriant floweringYou need to know certain rules of care, which you will be told "so simple!".

When to cut geraniums

To know when to clip a geranium, you needDetermine its type - one or many years. An annual plant needs to be cut only to give it the desired shape, but perennial should be cut twice a year - In spring and autumn. This will ensure not only the removal of the wilted parts of pelargonium, but will also promote the birth of a huge number of large inflorescences, and also prolong the duration of their flowering.

How to cut geranium for flowering

Pay attention to the fact that geraniums in dependenceFrom the type can grow in width or, conversely, have a high stem. You will not be able to radically change the shape of the crown by trimming. It can even lead to the death of the plant.

the main objective Pruning plants - this is the thinning of the crown. This leads to better ventilation, more moisture and sunlight. It is necessary to remove all branches directed to the interior of the crown, giving the will only growing outward.

How to cut geranium for flowering

Knife or pruner must be processedBoiling water, alcohol or a special antibacterial agent. Cut off the stems only in the leaf node, and place the cut necessarily with a powder or sprinkle with powder of cinnamon. To renew the forces of geranium after all the manipulations, give due tribute to her feeding. She likes nitrogen fertilizers.

How to cut geranium for flowering

Autumn pruning

After drying the last inflorescence and up toIt is necessary to prepare the plant for the forthcoming sleep. In the autumn Pelargonium will dry up a little, with yellow dry leaves. All faded inflorescences and old stems also need to be removed. Pruning is by no means possible in the period from December to mid-February, when the plant is particularly weak.

How to cut geranium for flowering

If the geranium allowed long unwanted stems, theirIt is necessary to cut off in the region of the first leaf node. But if you want this stem to shoot later and continue to grow, it needs to be cut above the knot. Do not forget about the main stem: it is enough to remove one third. Experienced flower growers advise to remove buds that are budding in winter so that the exhausted sleeping plant grows strength before the summer flowering, and does not waste them in vain.

Spring pruning

Do it at the end of February or not laterMid-March. To properly carry out the operation to remove stems, take into account the size of the plant. Do not subject the large shrub bush to radical pruning, as it may not have enough strength to plant and create inflorescences and it may not bloom at all. A small geranium can be cut more ruthlessly, forming the desired shape of the crown.

How to properly cut geraniums

Pay attention to the fact that after Spring pruning Geranium will bloom a little later than usual, but the result will pleasantly please you. The inflorescence will be larger, their size will become larger, and the duration of flowering will last longer.

If you want to give your geranium Form of a plant, It is necessary to prune all the lateral stems andSmall shoots, so that all forces are focused on strengthening the main stem. This procedure is laborious and the first flowers on the so-called palm tree will appear only after a year.

How to properly cut geraniums

Do not regret twice a year 15 minutes of your time, so that you can enjoy the magnificent flowering and wonderful aroma of your beautiful geranium all summer long. Share tips with your friends in social networks!