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Healing properties of stones

Do you know that stones can also be treated? Healing properties of stones Used since ancient times. Today, a lot of natural stones are known, but far from everyone knows what therapeutic effect they have on the body.

Healing properties of stones

"so simple!" He will tell you which stones have the greatest power of healing.

Healing properties of stones

  1. agate
    Agates are different in color. Each color group has certain properties. For example, if you have gastritis or some other digestive ailment, you will be helped by the vibrations emanating from the yellow agate. Problems with the thyroid gland? Then at your service is a blue agate.

    Well, if you live in a zone Increased radiation, Then you will be useful not only to wear this stone, but also to store in the house products from it.

    Agate properties

  2. aquamarine
    This stone will act on you harmonizing and balancing, will help to maintain peace of mind and balance. And if you do not like to go on a long journey or suffer Seasickness, This stone will be of use to you.
    Aquamarine properties
  3. turquoise
    One of the most amazing stones in itsProperties, because he seems to feel his master: with the first symptoms of deterioration of health, the stone begins to fade, thus warning its owner about the onset of the disease. However, it is worthwhile for any healthy member of the family to be a bit like decorating, as the color and medicinal properties of the stone are restored.
    Turquoise properties
  4. pearl
    Still Avicenna in his "canon" mentioned the miraculous properties of this stone. Pearls helps with Treatment of cataracts and other eye diseases, With hypertension, neuroses, and also it prevents the formation of kidney stones.

    Pearls are considered an elixir of youth, prolongingHuman life. According to legend, the queen of the Cleopatra herself, for the sake of preserving her beauty and youth, drank wine every evening with a pearl dissolved in it.

    Properties of pearls

  5. Cat's eye
    This stone is considered an amulet protecting its owner from the evil eye.
    He is also credited with the properties of strengthening the family, protecting from adultery. A stone can be useful to people suffering from bronchial asthma, neuroses, hypertension and anemia.
    Properties of the cat's eye
  6. malachite
    In many nations of the world, this stone is considered curative, as it has a beneficial effect on the hormonal system.

    The stone helps to remove power units and to openEnergy channels. The maximum effect can be achieved if you wear malachite in the solar plexus area. For example, put a mineral in a pendant and bear on a long chain.

    Properties of malychite

  7. nephritis
    Nephrite in translation from Greek means "kidney"And this value completely reflects the healing properties of the mineral. If you have problems with the kidneys, wearing green jade in the lumbar region will help reduce pain and improve the kidneys. Also the stone is credited with the ability to give life-force, longevity And good health.

    And using red jade, you will help the work of the heart and digestive system.

    Properties of jade

  8. amber
    There is evidence that amber therapy slows the growth of tumors, because amber possesses Anti-cancer properties. And if your loved one smokes, then the gift in the form of an amber mouthpiece will not only be original, but also useful enough, since it will reduce the risk of cancer in a smoker.

    Also, amber can be useful for headaches and problems with the thyroid gland.

    Properties of amber

  9. jasper
    In China, this stone is considered the main carrier of the female yin, or rather, symbolizes female beauty, and it is not accidental. Ornaments from this stone Heal female diseases, And if the jasper has a red color, then it will help stop bleeding, as well as relieve toothache.
    Properties of jasper

Picking for yourself jewelry from natural and semiprecious stones, it is better to learn more about the properties of the stone you like and trust your intuition.

If at the contact with the hands the stone immediately warms up -This is a clear sign that it suits you. However, if it remains cold, it means that its vibrations do not work for you and you should look for another stone.

Find the stone that your soul responds to. Let him bring you harmony, prosperity and well-being.

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