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Benefits of lard

olive oil Is considered one of the most useful products. Despite the fact that it is quite expensive, many use it for salad dressings and for cooking hot food. Scientists from the University de Monford in England conducted a series of studies on the effects of olive oil on the human body.

The benefits of fresh lard

They came to the conclusion that this product isExtremely useful only in raw form. When frying, any vegetable oil emits aldehydes - substances that adversely affect our body. Excessive consumption of fried foods threatens the emergence of neoplasms, heart disease and impaired brain function.

The benefits of fresh lard

The authors of the study gave a vivid example: They claim that in fish cooked in vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive), contains 200 times more aldehydes than allow safety standards.

The use of lard

The benefits of fresh lard

So doctors advise not to useVegetable oil for cooking hot food. They suggest replacing it with lard or lard. Fat contains monounsaturated fatty compounds, which when heated do not emit toxic substances.

Also in fat contains polyunsaturatedArachidonic acid, which has a number of useful properties: a positive effect on the brain, kidneys, heart, and also removes harmful cholesterol from the blood.

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