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Function keys

The modern world is developing so rapidly thatWe no longer imagine our life without high technologies, including computer. Work with documents, search for information - this requires a huge amount of time that you spend behind the monitor. To reduce the time spent working at the computer and improve their User's skills pc, Use our simple wand-help!

Redaction "so simple!" Introduces you to the standard keys, knowing the purpose of which you will simplify the work with the computer and save valuable time.

Function keys

Function keys

  1. F1
    This key is responsible for calling help in the active window of most programs.
  2. F2
    With this key you can rename the selected file.
  3. F3
    Such a key is usually used to activate the search function.
  4. F4
    Is responsible for calling the search window, as well as for repeating the last action in the microsoft word. And the combination alt + f4 will help to close the active application window with ease.
  5. F5
    In almost all Internet browsers, this key performs the function of "update". And with its help you can run a presentation in powerpoint.
  6. F6
    Helps to move the cursor to the address bar of the browser for input.
    Keyboard function keys
  7. F7
    This key helps to check spelling in a microsoft word text document.
  8. F8
    If you press f8 during windows boot, you can choose the preferred boot mode.
  9. F9
    But the f9 key is not very useful for the average PC user. It does not have any standard assignments and most often performs specific functions in certain programs.
  10. F10
    The standard purpose of a key is to call the program menu, and sometimes to close it.
  11. F11
    Most often this key is used to switch between full-screen and window mode.
  12. F12
    Pressing this key brings up the "save" window.How ... "in the microsoft word. In combination with the shift key saves an open document microsoft word. Combination "ctrl + shift + f12" - prints the current document microsoft word.
    Function keys f

Well, that's all, perhaps. Knowing the purpose of the main function keys, you can easily master the work on the computer, and the time spent behind the monitor will be halved!

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