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Pilates at home

There are many types of fitness exercises, butNo training will strengthen your body the way Pilates does. Regular training improves blood circulation, tonifies tired muscles from a sedentary lifestyle, increases flexibility and endurance. Pilates - a real rescue from chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulders. With osteochondrosis, it is simply irreplaceable! Practicing pilates, you find a beautiful, strong and healthy body.

Redaction "so simple!" Found extremely effective Exercises for slender legs And smart buttocks, which are sure to love you. You just have to try it once, and you can not miss the morning workout again!

Pilates for the buttocks and thighs

Pilates at home

Pilates can be practiced both inA specialized fitness club, and at home. Exercises carefully and gradually strengthen all the muscles, even those that remain unloaded with a standard set of exercises.

Speed ​​and intensity here have no value, because the main thing is the quality of the exercises and the thoughtful concentration on each movement. All this guarantees excellent result. Just a few months of regular training you will feel much stronger and healthier!

Pilates at home

In these videos, a professional instructor will clearly show how to perform such seemingly simple exercises for obtaining ideal and elastic buttocks.

Try it and you will feel that the muscles have worked perfectly!

The use of pilates for the body and mind is simply invaluable! Keep these effective exercises and share with friends, you will surely feel the full effectiveness of this wonderful sport.