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Sofa from pallets

With the help of conventional wooden pallets can make a pretty original sofa.

Make Sofa from the pallet Most not at all difficult. The main thing is to distribute the duties right away: the husband polishes, paints and varnishes, and the beloved at this time sews the covers on the mattresses. The mattress can be made from ordinary furniture foam rubber, which is bulk in any hypermarket of finishing materials.


Sofa from pallets

"so simple!" Collected interesting solutions Sofas from pallets, Which can push you to create your own masterpieces of pallets.

  1. Enough to decorate the sofa with bright pillows, and he has already played in a different way.
  2. A solid wooden base, and Mattress cover in different colors - this is the key decision that will make the living room original.
  3. And this design takes you to the warm sea, and immediately you want to relax by the surf.
    Sofas from pallets in a marine style
  4. A good option for waiting areas with space savings, also suitable for storing magazines and books.
    Pallet sofas
  5. Environmentally and beautifully!
    How to make a sofa from pallets
  6. That's right Solution for garden furniture.
    Sofas from pallets
  7. Such furniture will be an original and economical solution for the design of waiting areas in reception rooms.
    Sofas from pallets angular
  8. Creative and cozy. right?
    Sofas from pallets step by step instruction
  9. So he asks for his dacha.
    Sofas from pallets to cottages
  10. Sofa - expensive? Such a sofa does not exceed the cost of 10 loaves of bread. And if you add bright pillows, it will look more comfortable ...
    Furniture from pallets sofa
  11. G-shaped sofa from pallets? A simple solution with an amazing result!
    Sofas from wooden pallets
  12. Soft corner from pallet.
    Corner sofa from pallets
  13. Useful if you have your own pool. The table, by the way, is also made by hand.
    Sofas from pallets
  14. Touching and yet quite functional sofa on wheels.
    How to make a sofa from pallets
  15. Even your favorite pet will appreciate the convenience of this sofa!
    Sofas from pallets for living room
  16. I want to myself this!
    Sofas from pallets
  17. Recolor the frame of the sofa in bright colors and rainbow mood you are provided!
    Sofas from pallets
  18. Simple, stylish and tasteful.
    Cozy sofas from pallets
  19. Miniature and cozy. He perfectly fits in the children's room!
    Sofas from pallets for children
  20. A free space between rows of pallets can be used as a Storage systems. And adding a side and back, you can make the sofa more functional.
    Sofas from pallets to the terrace
  21. You will not be indifferent to the design of such a cozy sofa. It will be appropriate both on the terrace and in the living room!
    Sofas from pallets

Sofas from recycled pallets are durable and budget. They can become Bright accent Your terrace.

In addition, such a sofa can be used even inRooms where there is a risk of dirty upholstery. For example, in the kitchen, in the dining room or in the garden. In order to fix the furniture, you just need to wash the removable parts of the sofa.

And with the help of pillows, mattress covers and covers you can give your sofa from the pallets an attractive appearance and create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area.

If you want, you can make a truly unique thing that will become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family.

Share these inspirational ideas with your friends. Perhaps one of them will want to build something like that. But if you want to learn how to do it Sofa from pallets step by step, Write in the comments.