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How much sleep do you need?

Sleep is a vital process for the body,Which helps to recover after a day's work. How long does it take to give it? What is the difference between the male and female needs for rest? About this later in the article.

How much should sleep

  1. Ladies, get ready for a dream!
    Complexity of functioning Of the female brain Stipulates the need for additional rest. Jim Horne, a professor at the University of Loughborough in England, says: "In women, lack of sleep is strongly associated with a high level of psychological stress, as well as a significant sense of insecurity, depression and anger. Men have no such connection ".
    How much should sleep
  2. 8 ocloc'k? Not necessarily ...
    How much does it take to sleep a person? The usual eight hours of sleep per night do not fit all - for most people, seven hours is enough. Nevertheless Professor Horn recalls that the female brain "Has a different structure from the male, a more complex structure, so his need for a dream is slightly higher".
    How much should sleep
  3. Why is the brain of women more difficult?
    Compared to men, women are more likely toMultitasking and use your brain in a strengthened mode. Respectively, they need more time to recover, and sleep, as nothing else, this recovery provides.

    To the question, What time should I go to bed, Everyone answers himself. The recommended time for going to bed is about half past ten. So you can grab the most useful "beauty sleep", which lasts only until midnight and reflects on the state of your body the whole next day.

    How much should sleep

  4. How about tired men?
    Professor Horn notes that men, workWhich is associated with the adoption of multiple solutions, may also require an excessive amount of sleep. But even in this case the woman will need more rest.
    How much should sleep

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