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How to treat a knee joint

Ginger is a natural effective remedy,Whose anti-inflammatory properties were proved long ago. Even in ancient China, ginger has been widely used to relieve pain. It helps to alleviate arthritis, eliminates pain in the muscles and headaches, and Pain in the knee joint and Pain in the joints of the fingers, Disperses the blood.

How to treat the knee joint

There are many ways to apply ginger with health benefits. Someone adds it to food in the form of a powder, someone drinks ginger juice in the morning. We'll talk with you about the ginger compress.

Knee pain

What is a ginger compress and how to use it?

Ginger compress is an effective tool forTreatment of muscle pain and alleviation of varicose veins, sprains and even rheumatism. Being an active ingredient, ginger causes burning sensation, and also raises the temperature of the tissues. Do not worry, because that's how it manifests itself in full force.

Components of the compress penetrate deep into the skin and are sent to the root cause of pain. when Aching knee joint Or pestering Ankle pain, You will feel much better if you put a ginger compress on your leg.

Knee pain

In order to prepare a ginger compress, you will need the available ingredients.


  • 70 g of ginger root
  • 2 tbsp. L. Sea salt
  • 4 cloves of garlic


  1. To begin to clean the ginger from the upper peel and diligently grind it.
  2. Then take off the garlic from the garlic.
  3. Mix ginger, garlic and sea salt in a mortar.
  4. Properly razetri them to a homogeneous state.
  5. Take a cut of food film, sufficient to wrap the patient's joint.
  6. The resulting mass is applied to the skin in the place where the pain is the most troubling.
  7. From above gently press the weight of the film and wrap the leg not too tight, but so that the compress would hold.
  8. If necessary, fix the film with adhesive tape.
  9. If possible, put a bandage over the film. He will protect the compress when driving. Wear a bandage, even if you are not going out somewhere during the day.
  10. The recommended period for using the compress is at least 6 hours.

Pay attention to the fact that the compress is not recommended for use on open wounds. He can help only with internal joint and muscle pain.

Knee pain

Ginger is a unique in nature and natural remedy. It contains more than 12 components that can cure Inflammatory processes In the human body.

Ginger also lowers the sensitivity of the nerveReceptors for pain, acting no less actively than drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Side effects are absent in this case, which is especially important for long-term courses of treatment.

Do not forget to share the effective methodology with your friends and family, and be always healthy!