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The second life of plastic bottles

I threw away earlier plastic bottles, Until I learned about their disposal. It turns out, an old plastic bottle is a universal and multifunctional thing that should not be thrown out.

The idea of ​​using plastic in everyday life is enoughInteresting and relevant. If you apply a drop of effort, you can make almost anything from floral pots and dispensers to plastic bags to car canopies.

Iron and bottle

Second life of plastic bottles

"so simple!" Collected for you 5 reasons why you stop throwing empty plastic bottles and give them a second life.

Original ideas

  1. Half a plastic bottle + cutting with an iron - and here is an excellent stand for pens and pencils!
    Stand for pencils
  2. The narrow neck of the bottle together with the lid can become a dispenser for packing with cereals.
    Croup dispenser
  3. Are you on vacation with a tent, and forgot to stay at home? no problem! Conventional plastic bottle From "Coca-Cola" through simple manipulation can turn into a convenient and practical mug.
    Camp mug
  4. If you leave for the weekend, you do not need to ask the neighbors to water the pots. With such a device for watering vases will quietly survive your weekend.
    Stand for flower pot irrigation
  5. The syrup dispenser can easily be made from a lid left from soda.

And in this video we'll show you more 5 cool household itemsMade by own hands from plastic bottles.

With the help of such an object as simpleA plastic bottle, you can create universal and creative things that will help you to improve your life in any conditions, without making any special efforts.

Do not rush to throw out a plastic bottle. Give her a second chance. Share the super-games with your friends!