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Correct chicken breast

Why do we love chicken breast? Many housewives appreciate the speed of cooking this product and the infinite number of dishes that can be prepared from it. Fans of proper nutrition respect easily digestible protein and a minimum of fat in chicken meat. Economical chefs are pleased with the availability of prices for breasts and fillets. But there is a catch, which concerns everyone ...

Dietary chicken breast, Praised, advertised, can be very dangerous to health. How to distinguish a quality product from obviously harmful? There is a little trick I always resort to. Now you will understand!

How to cook chicken breast

Regular chicken breast

Look closely at the chicken meat, whichAre going to buy. If you notice the white stripes - in no case do not take it! Stripes of white color indicate that the chicken grew too fast and its fat tissue developed unevenly. Such meat contains Harmful fats and additives And can be not only tasteless, but also harmful to health, alas.

A bit of statistics: about 90% of chicken meat that is on sale is chicken meat grown on poultry farms. They are fed with antibiotics and hormones, eventually Broiler chickens Grow up a month and a half before the size of an adult bird. 4 times faster than a normal chicken, which has been growing for 6 months!

Chicken breast photo

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You will not get poisoned with such meat if you cookA hen with pale veins once. But with constant consumption of meat broiler chickens harms the work of internal organs and hormonal background, contribute to obesity, can cause liver and kidney disease.

How to cook chicken breast

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How tasty to cook chicken breast? The main rule is to buy fresh, qualitymeat. Then you can experiment: soak the breast in milk or kefir before cooking, in wine, soy sauce and even in carbonated water. At us on a site there is a special recipe which will turn your representation about cooking of a hen, I advise ...

Juicy chicken breast

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Be sure to tell your friends about this super-turkey, which will help you buy only the most useful meat! "so simple!" Always on guard for your health.