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Point for weight loss

Counting calories, fitness, fitness, aerobics ... sometimes it turns into real flour! In "so simple!" There is great news for everyone who decided to start a hard struggle with excess weight: Acupressure Helps to lose weight, and very effectively.

How to easily lose weight

Point for weight loss

Having mastered the simple Self-massage technique, You can successfully control your appetite, improve digestion and stimulate metabolism.

To find this treasured point for losing weight, put your index finger at the base of the lobe, like a girl in the photo.

Dot on ear for weight loss

Then open and close your mouth several times, find the place where the maximum mobility of the jaws is felt. This is the active Appetite point. Massage it for a minute.

The convenience of the method is that you can influence the point at any time and imperceptibly for others with a firm belief that the process of losing weight is started!

It sounds great, does not it? Try to repeat and do not forget to tell your friends!