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Milkshake with ice cream

We, whose childhood was in Soviet times,Very, very lucky. We have found a lot of interesting and real things, a great variety of delicious and natural products. The lack of frills was compensated with an abundance of simple and affordable. Memory of this, probably, will remain for life.

Milkshake with ice cream

For me, the most favorite and most memorable childish delicacy was, is and will be milk shake. Thick, almost viscous, white and very sweet,It was bubbly and ended too quickly. In Moscow, as, indeed, in all other cities of the Union, he was made in the grocery stores and in the shops of "juice-water". The steel mixer for three horns buzzed with a turbine and gave out to everyone a portion of a cold drink.

milk shake

Mixed cocktail right before the eyes of the impatientQueue. Poured milk into a steel glass straight from the bottle, put the same balls of the real cream filling and added syrup. Most often - pear. And all this by eye!

Milkshake with ice cream

We do not plan to measure out. Here are the exact proportions for you to To make a milkshake as in childhood. Cook and enjoy!


  • 400 g milk
  • 4 tbsp. L. Pear syrup
  • 100 g of filling


  1. Pour very cold milk into the blender's glass.
  2. Add the syrup.
  3. Put ice cream.
  4. Whip just a minute at high speed (no less than 13,000).

The less ice cream you add, the betterThe cocktail will be whipped. But the taste will change accordingly. Ice cream, lying in the opened form in the freezer, will worsen the properties of foam - always take a fresh cocktail.

Milkshake soviet

Milk must be cooled very strongly: ice crystals can even be probed inside the package. To do this, hold the milk package in the freezer for about two hours.

I drank with milk shakes from the heart. Now I advise you. Homemade milkshake - an unforgettable taste.

Milkshake soviet

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