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A solution for plants

for Top dressing of domestic plants Use eggshell, coffee grounds,The remnants of tea and even the peel of a banana. But what about ash? Because this natural fertilizer is suitable not only for garden, but also for indoor plants. Ash is an excellent source of nutrients and microelements: phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, iron, boron and many others.

Ash can be of several kinds: Formed after the burning of firewood, straw or manure. It is worth noting that the content of useful microelements in each case will be different. So immediately it is necessary to decide which trace elements your green pet needs. This simple table will help you in this.

Home top dressing of indoor plants

Wood ash Can be safely used for top-dressing suchHome plants like ficus benjamina, begonia, cyclamen, fuchsia, monstera, pelargonium, geranium, house roses, etc. use this simple recipe so that your green friends get all the necessary trace elements!

Plant solution

Home top dressing of indoor plants

You will need

  • 100 g of wood ash
  • 10 liters of water

Mix water and ash in a bucket. A mixture of watered home plants throughout the season. Fertilizing your pets with wood ash, be extremely careful: do not mix it with ammonia or organic fertilizers! This can lead to a loss of ammonia. Nitrogen fertilizers can be introduced only a month after fertilization with ashes.

We wish home plants always pleased you with lush foliage and lush flowering! Do not forget to share this helpful advice with your friends.