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Energy words

Every day we say about 7000 words, not evenThinking about the fact that some words and phrases can radically affect our lives. All thoughts are material, and words are nothing but thoughts spoken out loud!

To attract only Positive energy In your life, you need to be very carefulTo their own thoughts and speech. It is worth using words that block energy flows as rarely as possible. Ideally, it is better to completely exclude them from their vocabulary. Here are the most common words that draw negative energy into our lives.

Energy of words

  1. no
    Try to formulate thoughts, avoiding this word. Of course, at all to exclude from the vocabulary the negation does not work, but you can pronounce it much more rarely.
    Words with bad energy
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  3. I hate
    Hatred is a destructive feeling. Do not say this word even in jest. If you are seriously sore or hurt very much, then to say "I hate" is not necessary, you can express your feelings in other words.
    Words with bad energy
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  5. a curse
    This word is one of the strongest in itsPower engineering. Saying it, there are real chances of harming another person. But do not rejoice, the sent negative will necessarily return to its original source.
    Words with bad energy
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  7. problem
    With frequent use this word, like a magnet,Will draw into your life more and more new troubles ... if you have small life difficulties, try not to call them the word "problem".
    Words with bad energy
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  9. poverty
    Word that influences the formation of ourThoughts. Remember that rich people do not focus on saving, they devote most of their time to thinking about making money. Try as little as possible to use this word, so as not to frighten away the material good fortune.
    Words with bad energy
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  11. death
    This word does not just take away positive energy, but also deprives the person of vital forces. So as not to attract trouble, exclude him from his vocabulary.
    Words with bad energy
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  13. heck
    Each of us uses this word at least oneonce a day. "Devil" and all the derivatives of his words are a magnet for bad energy. If you do not want any of your undertakings to end unsuccessfully, try as rarely as possible to use this word.
    Words with bad energy
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  15. never
    Everyone knows the saying: "never say never". Even in a good sense, you should not use this word. When a person says "never", he deprives himself of vital energy and destroys inner harmony.
    Words with bad energy
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  17. bad luck
    Here, the prefix of the non-one, which carries a negative character, is used. The word "bad luck" becomes an obstacle to positive energy only when you say it in your address.
    Words with bad energy
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  19. Tired, tired
    You really can be tired, but not worth itTo emphasize this attention. Often repeating the phrase "I'm tired", you take away your life energy, forgetting that there is still powder in the flasks!
    Words with bad energy
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  21. fool
    This word seems extremely harmless and even playful ... but not here it was! Naming so another person, you are giving yourself a defect, taking away positive energy.
    Words with bad energy
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  23. I can not
    Again a particle "not", which adversely affects Energy of the word. Repeating each time "I can not", you subconsciously program yourself to defeat and failure. It is better to forget about this word and say more often: "I will try again."
    Words with bad energy
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  25. hopelessly
    Agree, there are no hopeless situations, just at the moment you have not found the right solution. So as not to cause trouble, try not to use this word in speech at all.
    Words with bad energy
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Abstract from these negative words and more often use their synonyms, then luck will accompany in all endeavors!