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Easter napkins

Many are beginning to prepare for the bright Easter holiday in advance. Simple, beautiful, and most importantly, practical - this is how you can call this wonderful invention. It is now about Easter.

Easter eggs are called voluminous Napkins-stands, Made of dense silk or any otherFabric and designed for convenient placement of Easter eggs or krishaks on the festive table. Wonderful Easter eggs adorn with lace and flowers, they can be made in the form of openwork napkins or open flowers. We will show you how beautiful the Paschalins are.

Easter napkins

  1. Functional and beautiful
    Easter napkin
  2. Country style
    Paschalnitsa photo
  3. Bright floral options
    Paschallis with red rim
  4. Paschallis with green rim
  5. Beautiful easter napkin
  6. Paschalnik in tender spring tones
    Paschalnik with rim
  7. Paschal sun-colored napkin
    Easter is excellent
  8. But as the Easter past looks already filled!
    Paschalnitsa for basket

"so simple!" Prepared for you an interesting master class on making Easter napkin with your own hands. How to sew an Easter bell?

You will need

  • Dense cotton fabric
  • Oblique bake
  • satin ribbon
  • sewing machine


  1. So, we make a template from cardboard - this is a circle with a diameter of 30 cm.
    Easter until
  2. From the main fabric we cut the details roundForms. Diameter depends on how much you want to receive the product. In this case, the diameter is thirty centimeters. 4 details must come out: 2 of a plain fabric and 2 for an inner layer of colored fabric.
    the cloth
  3. We put the multi-colored details face-down and pins to prevent them from sliding out during sewing. We sew them together. Should get one detail, multi-colored on both sides.
    We fold the fabric
  4. Such a line for reliability we sew the oblique bake.
  5. We process all three round details with a slanting bake.
  6. That's how they look after processing.
  7. Further outline the pattern like this. Angle of 60 degrees.
  8. Transfer the marks to the top layer, retreating 4 cm from the edge.
    Circle of cloth
  9. Make in marked places two loops side by side.
    Simple and beautiful
  10. With a ripper, cut the loops neatly. For beginners, a clue: in order not to cut the seam by itself, you can pin its end with a pin.
  11. Fold all three layers of the future napkin.
    Red cloth
  12. In the middle draw a circle with a diameter of 15 cm.
    a circle
  13. Pour all 3 napkins along this planned line, then fix the edges. The lower and middle part of the mesh is on the line where the hinges were made.
    We sew Easter eggs
  14. The middle and upper parts of the sash on oblique bake, as in the photo.
    Paschalnitsa for the house
  15. Binding on the machine so: forward, reverse and again forward.
  16. Tape can be taken in satin tone or use a slanting beika for harmony.
  17. That's what we got as a result. In the assembled form, the Paschalla does not take much space!
  18. This is how our Easter greetings will look on the festive table.
    ready product

So, easter napkins do quite simply, and things created by their own hands create a cozy atmosphere in the house and radiate a positive energy of warmth and love.

Surround yourself with beautiful and original things - and the holiday will stay with you for a long time. Now the eggs in my Easter basket Will look great!

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