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Bathroom panel

It happens that you look at the room and you seeA lot of ways how to make it better, more beautiful, more comfortable. But most of us do not get our hands, unfortunately. But this guy had the courage and ingenuity to transform the guest bathroom on the old farm with his own hands in just a few days!

Redaction "so simple!" Acquaints you with such a simple and at the same time stylish idea of ​​transforming the bathroom.

Panel for the bathroom

Bathroom panel

There are many ideas and ways to make the interior of the home interesting and unique. Wall panel is an excellent solution for Decor of the bathroom. With such a work of art, moreover, made by hand, your bathroom will play with new colors!

  1. Our hero thought the same way and set to work! For starters he made a base of the future panel from a small tile. In this case, the guy chose his predatory lizard.
    A panel for a bathroom with your own hands
  2. When the base is made, it's time to takedecor. After the repair in the house there were a lot of construction debris, including the old tile. The guy did not fail when he was not in a hurry to throw it into the trash!
    A panel for a bathroom with own hands
  3. The next wall he designed using the same panel, but with a dragonfly. Now the scaly hunter has a sacrifice!
    A panel in the bathroom
  4. Piece by piece he laid out the mosaic, until the wall in the bathroom did not play with new colors.
    Decorative panel for the bathroom
  5. The joints between the tiles must be repaired. In this case a dark color solution was chosen to give the mosaic a greater contrast. Such an undertaking took quite a bit of time, and the result is beyond praise. Great happened!
    Bathroom panel tiles
  6. But here is the transformed bathroom! The last pieces of the tile found their place near the washbasin.

    Bathroom panel tiles

    Bathroom tiles for bathroom

Such decoration of the walls of the shower enclosure is compulsoryWill set a positive attitude for the whole day. The work is painstaking and requires a lot of patience, but how nice it turned out, agree! Be sure to share this awesome idea with your friends, someone will certainly inspire someone to change.