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How to use gaskets

First gaskets appeared in the 1970s, and evenI do not want to think about how women coped with the peculiarities of their physiology before they appeared. Horror-horror: a belt with buttons that held the lining of the fabric, rubber details of panties, gauze pads ...

Use sanitary napkins - it's a simple matter. But there are certain moments that are unknown to most women! Slightly open the veil.

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Little-known facts

  1. Daily pads can not be used every day!
    In this case the name does not speak for itself. Hygienic daily pads In no case can not be used day after day. The body must breathe, the constant use of pads provokes the development of pathogenic microflora in intimate zones.

    Use daily pads need only in the days preceding the monthly and some time after them, when the allocation becomes more abundant. important! Change daily gaskets It is necessary every 2-3 hours, at least. If you do not, you can provoke thrush, vaginitis and other unpleasant diseases, the consequence of which can be even infertility.

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  2. Choose the correct thickness of the gasket.
    Moist warm environment, which is created whenWearing any pads in the vagina, promotes the development of pathogens and gynecological diseases. So hygiene is important, and it is also very important to choose the right hygiene products.

    Wear night pads in the afternoon or pads with the maximum number of "drops" at the very beginning of the month - a crime against one's own health.

    If you noticed that Gaskets often leak, Check how you attach them to the laundry. Many women claim that to get rid of the problem of flowing they were helped by gaskets with wings, which they fixed with the long side forward.

    The whole point is that the body of every woman -Special, and anatomical structure, the location of the genitals relative to the pelvis is individual. Perhaps you did not pay attention to this little thing, but it will help get rid of the problem!

    How to use gaskets and tampons

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  3. Do not buy flavored pads!
    Gaskets with various impregnations,Aromatized, with a pattern can cause allergy and irritation. Preference should be given to "breathable" gaskets, which do not create a breeding ground for bacteria. You still need to change them as often as possible.
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  4. Carefully monitor your health.
    If you notice redness or swellingGenitals, itching in the genital area, burning with urination or pain during intercourse - immediately consult a doctor. Know that all these symptoms can be caused not only by infection, but also by sanitary napkins, an allergic reaction to hygiene products.

    The amount of bloodTime menstruation, especially if a woman has had bleeding. How to track the amount of blood that is excreted? Very few people know about this, but there is a revolutionary hygiene remedy that is absolutely safe for women's health - menstrual cup.

    This cunning device is very convenient to use, and also helps to track how much blood was released during the day, and to prevent the risk of uterine bleeding.

    How to use gaskets

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everybody knows, How to use gaskets, But on nuances it is not accepted to focus attention. Unfortunately, ignorance does not free from possible diseases! Discuss this article with your friends, maybe this information will be useful to them.