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How to erase things

Black things though practical, but very quicklyLose their saturated carbon color during the washing process. May appear in gray stains, especially on jeans, or simply an incomprehensible shade. So every hostess needs to know, How to wash correctly Black clothes, so she looked like new.

How to erase black things correctly

Washing and clothes care in the modern worldWashing machines and powerful detergents, it seems like an easy thing. But every housewife knows that it's also easy to spoil clothes if you look after her without following certain rules. Redaction "so simple!" Will reveal to you 7 secrets with which your Black things Washing will not be terrible.

How to wash things

  1. If you do not want the thing to get a dull shade after washing in the washing machine, always choose a delicate mode. In the detergent must be added a pinch of kitchen salt.
    How to erase black things correctly
  2. To prevent fading and freshen blackColor, use this useful trick. Add in a basin with cold water 2 tbsp. L. Vinegar and leave your substance in this solution for 20 minutes. Do not rinse, but simply squeeze and erase further in the usual way.
    How to wash black things in a washing machine
  3. Pour hot water into the basin and dissolve coffee in it. Soak the clothes in this fragrant solution for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the thing by hand with a delicate cleanser. Yes, the method is not from the budget, but refreshes the black color by 5 points.
    How to erase black things by hand
  4. To refresh the color of things from fastidiousNatural fabrics, you will need tobacco. Prepare a solution in the bowl of the required amount, take into account that 1 liter of boiling water you need 15 g of tobacco. When it cools down to 40 degrees, strain and apply to the clothes with a brush. Swallow a thing in cool water.
    How to wash black things without a divorce
  5. The easiest way to refresh and fix the blackColor is the rinsing of things with black ink. But consider that it is suitable only for hand washing. Add a little black carcass and 1-2 tbsp. L. Vinegar during the last rinse.
    How to wash black things without a divorce
  6. In the basin with warm water add 1 tbsp. L. Baking soda. Keep in this solution clean things after a normal wash for 10-15 minutes. Rinse. This is the perfect life jacket for blouses and shirts. Because it will not only help Freshen black color, But also perfectly removes the smell of sweat.
    How to wash black things without a divorce
  7. If your black thing is already very far from its original color, but you want to keep it, it only remains to take it to the dry cleaners or paint it with special paints for the fabric.
    How to wash black things without a divorce

Such small tricks will help to keep black things a rich color. Your clothes will look like new even after the 20th wash.

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