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How to Wear Rings

Rings are the most favorite kind of jewelryWomen. Still, with such a variety of metals, stones and forms ... how not to fall in love! Each ring is special and beautiful, and it's not difficult to understand those of us who want to wear everything at once. But is it beautiful? after all Jewelry etiquette Has its own rules, observing which you will always look like a true lady.

Redaction "so simple!" Wants to acquaint you with awkward tricks, knowing that you will always be on top!

Jewelry etiquette of wearing rings

How to wear a ring

  1. Cheap and bright costume jewelry should be worn by girls under the age of 20. In general, it is worth to throw away all these children's knickknacks and buy one, but a nice and sweet heart ring.
    Jewelry etiquette
  2. It is worth abandoning the bad habit of wearing onOne hand rings of dissimilar metals with stones of all colors of the rainbow. This is a completely bad form. If you like a lot of jewelry, take care of their harmony with each other. By the way, a cheap ring and a ring with a diamond can not be worn together.
    Jewelery etiquette
  3. About diamonds ... you knew that wearing diamonds andOther expensive stones in the afternoon - bad taste? But evening parties are just the time when you can prove yourself in all its glory. Here you can give vent to fantasy and wear all the most skillful jewelry, they will necessarily complement the elegant evening image.
    How to wear a diamond ring
  4. Be sure to follow the harmony of your wardrobe andOrnaments that you choose for him. Because with an ordinary T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, well, there will not be a rich ring with a large stone. Although often the trend dictates the opposite ... you can not follow the fashion, but etiquette remains etiquette.
    How to wear rings on etiquette
  5. The wedding ring is one of the few ornaments that can be combined with completely different rings.
    How to wear diamond rings
  6. Lovers of rings need to constantly monitorFor his manicure. Because expensive jewelry will certainly draw attention to the hands of the owner. And if there is no manicure, it is better to do without rings at all.
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How to choose the perfect ring

  1. age
    Young ladies should prefer a gentleMinimalism in the design of rings. Thin lines and neat little stones with ease will accentuate young, fresh skin and trembling age. If you are a lady in years, then for you, there are practically no restrictions.

    Massive rings inlaid with largeStones - an ideal choice. Such an ornament will attract attention to itself, and not to mature skin. Because you are an elegant lady who watches herself and the fashion, despite the age.

    How to wear women's rings

  2. Size of brushes
    If the universe awarded you with large pens withShort fingers - it does not matter! A massive ringlet with an elongated stone can easily hide all the shortcomings. Although, is it a drawback? But the wide rings on the contrary visually increase the size of the brush, so these jewelry should be avoided.
    How to wear gold rings
  3. Hand shape
    If the brushes are plump, it is worth to chooseOn rings of irregular angular shape or on massive rings with elongated stones. But round stones - the worst enemy, because they emphasize the plumpness of the hand in two counts.

    Rules of etiquette of wearing rings

    For brushes with prominent joints is idealRings with volumetric stones will approach, after all they with ease will distract attention from lacks. But too thin and delicate rings - not the best choice for this type of brushes.

    Rules for wearing rings on hands

    Wide rings with small stones - idealSolution for excessively thin hands with thin fingers. But the stones in the form of an oval or a drop visually extend the already long fingers, because such ornaments should not be carried away.

    Rules for wearing rings on fingers

Keep this useful article and share it with your friends! Observing these simple rules of wearing rings, you will look perfect in any situation.