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Eggs for the body

Weight reduction, vision improvement, strong bones andTeeth - all this, and not only. If you include three eggs each day in your breakfast, it will improve your health and provide protection against a number of diseases. Eggs are truly a wonderful product!

The use of eggs for the body

"so simple!" Collected 9 valid pluses to this Super-useful ingredient Entered your daily diet.

  1. cholesterol?
    Frequent disputes about the benefits and harms of eggs are explainedThe presence of cholesterol in this product. However, this product contains only 180-186 mg of lipids (fats), while the liver produces about 1000-2000 mg of cholesterol every day. Eggs can actually replace harmful cholesterol healthy. In addition, the increase in cholesterol in the blood is inhibited by the lecithin contained in the egg.
  2. Strengthening of bone tissue and teeth
    The composition of eggs includes vitamin d, necessary forAssimilating the body's calcium and maintaining the health of teeth and bones. The egg yolk is one of the few foods that are the natural source of this vitamin.
    Eggs and breakfast
  3. energy value
    Nutritionists recommend daily consumption of eggs,And it's not just that. Nutrients and amino acids maintain important functions of the body's vital functions. The irreplaceable benefit of this "solar" product, is its energy value, which all people who are active in life need.
    Eggs for salad
  4. A storehouse of vitamins and minerals
    The benefits of eggs are explained by the presence in them of the necessaryA man of vitamins. Such as: a, d, e, b3, b6, b12, folic acid, choline. As well as minerals and trace elements: iodine, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. For example, the microelement of selenium supports the function of the immune system and the thyroid gland.
  5. a slim body
    Eggs have a low calorie content. Thanks to lecithin and choline, they contribute to the removal of fat and cholesterol from the body, which is important for people caring for their figure. The high quality of the protein obtained from eggs allows you to feel longer and longer, thus helping to maintain a normal weight.
  6. Excellent breakfast
    According to the American College of Nutrition, andAn international magazine on obesity, eating eggs at breakfast can reduce the consumption of unnecessary foods that you consume daily.

    Fried eggs for breakfast accelerates weight loss and while maintaining the energy in the body during the day at an optimal level. Such a breakfast will be delicious and hearty!

    Healthy breakfast

  7. Maintenance and strengthening of vision
    Egg yolks contain large amounts of luteinAnd zeaxanthin, necessary to maintain normal vision, and they also help prevent the occurrence of cataracts. Eggs are also rich in vitamin A, the deficiency of which causes night blindness.
  8. protein
    An egg is, above all, a natural sourceProtein, which makes it an almost indispensable food for each of us. Protein is very important for weight loss, muscle building, control of hypertension and bone health. One large egg consists of 6 grams of protein. And the amount of protein in three eggs is equivalent to one serving of meat.
  9. Assistant in the work of the heart, indispensable in pregnancy
    Modern scientists conducted an experiment andSay: the use of eggs will help get rid of cardiovascular diseases. The maintenance in an egg of folic acid promotes normal work of system of a hemopoiesis and correct development of a fruit during pregnancy.
    Prevention of heart disease

Eggs - one of the most useful products, which is on guard of your health and beauty. Using 3 eggs a day you will get good health And beauty!
Eat it every day and feel great!

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