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Lack of iodine

iodine - this is an important element for the body, the excess or lack of which affects the body weight, mental health, the functions of the brain and other organs, the general state of the body.

Iodine for the body

Thyroid hormones consist of 65% iodine. At Iodine deficiency in the body The thyroid gland increases in size (endemic goiter), trying to compensate and develop the right amount of this substance. However, this happens already at later stages of the disease ...

Endemic goiter

Iodine deficiency

It is very important to determine in time Level of iodine in the body. And you can do it with a simple test at home.

  1. In the evening, with a cotton swab, apply 3 strips of iodine on your wrist: thin, slightly thicker and thicker.
    Test for iodine deficiency
  2. If in the morning you do not see a trace on the skin of all 3, be sure to go to the endocrinologist, so that he did the exact tests and wrote out the necessary Preparations of iodine.
  3. If only 1 line is left thicker, review your diet. The daily norm of iodine is contained in 100 g of sea cabbage, also it is rich in cod liver, sea fish, shrimp, eggs, dried apricots and feijoa.
  4. If only the finest line has disappeared - your health is out of danger.

use Iodized salt - the cheapest and affordable way to prevent hypothyroidism.

Iodized salt

But this product is suitable only to season them with cold dishes. Such salt will be useless if you add it to hot food and use it for canning.

And your friends are OK with the iodine content in the body?